Great Cars for Tall People

January 27, 2012

Cars for tall people are designed so you do not have your head crashing with the roof or have to worry about incorrect posture, no leg room and other space issues.  Certain vehicles are better than others such as SUVs and trucks. A very few vehicles have enough adjustment range to easily and comfortably accommodate short, medium and tall individuals.

Problems with Normal Cars

Some of the issues that taller drivers deal with include being unable to comfortably move from pedal to pedal, restricted sight lines and properly reaching the gear stick and steering wheel. To avoid some of these issues you will need to get into a car to see if it fits appropriately before you purchase it. With so much of the industry focusing on sleek and small, the compact models are becoming more restrictive for taller people.

When looking into cars for someone that is tall you want to investigate 5 different things; the head space as you should be able to easily fit your fist above your head, the slope of the windshield to see the road among the sun’s reflections, the seat angle, the steering wheel tilt and the horizontal space. If you cannot comfortably fit in or drive the car then move on to the next model.

Redesigned for more Room

Subaru has increased the space inside their Forester and created the Forester 2.5XT. This utility vehicle has plenty of headroom even with the driver’s seat adjusted to its maximum height. For those with the seat all the way back for the needed legroom, there is still room behind them for the person in the rear seat to be comfortable.

Another company that has redesigned its cars to suite those that are taller is Honda.  The Honda Accord EX-L is larger, more comfortable and roomier than others in its class like the Camry and Altima. The steering wheel can be adjusted on the tilt and telescoping column and you can adjust the front seat properly without taking it off the tracks.  This is frequently ranks high on consumer reports for taller drivers.

Other Good Choices for Tall People

If you like the safety from Volvo but can’t fit in their cars then have no fear, the Volvo S80 is for you.  This has plenty of headroom and the seat is extremely comfortable. The front seat has 8-way power adjustments and you will be comfortable no matter how long you are driving. This is an excellent choice for a mid-size sedan.

Fitting into a Mini

If you are tall but want to drive a mini then there are models available that can comfortably fit someone that is six feet or taller. The Ford Focus is an excellent example as this is an all-round car that is affordable. You will not feel like you have to fold yourself up to drive it as the legroom and headroom are quite good for a taller individual.

Another good compact option is the Volkswagen Gulf. This car is very practical and quite basic but it will do the job. It can get a bit cramped if you are taking a long drive with 4 people but is perfect for 2 people and some luggage.

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