Honda Civic DX Sedan: A Comparison Guide between Honda Trim Models

June 9, 2014

The Honda Civic DX sedan is a highly popular mid-size car. Along with the entire fleet of Honda Civic sedans, the DX has a highly favorable ride, design and overall gas mileage estimation. Currently there are seven different trim packages available for the Honda Civic. Here is a quick comparison guide of how the DX specs stack up against the other trim models.

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Civic DX Sedan Trim

The Honda Civic DX FWD L4 sedan starts out at a base price of $16,300. The DX engine is a standard 1.4L 140 HP 4-cylinder that can reach up to 36 miles per gallon with highway driving. This is the base trim for the Honda Civic sedan and leaves out some of the more luxury items like air conditioning and cruise control.

Civic EX Sedan Trim

The next model up is the EX FWD L4. With a suggested retail price of $20,000, this trim design offers a little more than the base DX sedan. With a little more space on the inside, the EX also has cruise control, CD player and air conditioning. Also included is a sunroof with this design.

Civic EX-L Sedan Trim

With only minor changes, the EX-L sedan still has the standard 1.4L 140 HP 4-cylinder engine that the other sedans in this class have to offer. The EX-L also has the same 5 passenger seating, but with a little more head and leg room. This trim design introduces power door locks to the the Civic sedan.

Civic GX Sedan Trim

The Honda Civic GX is a 4-cylinder front wheel drive sedan that starts out at $25,100 as the MSRP. The engine is the same 1.8L inline 4, but has a slight drop in horsepower. This trim package is a little longer and has a slightly wider wheelbase for stability and improved handling. Air conditioning, power interior and cruise control are all standard.

Civic LX Sedan Trim

The LX model brings the basics back to the Civic Sedan. Starting at $18,200, the LX boasts the same 1.8L engine at 140 horsepower. This engine has worked very well for Honda and they are not leaving it out of their sedan fleet for any of the different trim packages available. There is no sunroof in the LX model, but there is air conditioning, cruise control and power locks.

Civic LX-S Sedan Trim

There is very little difference between the DX, the LX and the LX-S. The body style is the most significant change, as the LX-S has a much smaller front and a snub front end. If you don't have a large family, or want a smaller car for personal use, the LX-S will be the choice in this type of Civic sedan.

Civic SI Coupe

The SI is a more sporty version of the sedan with a more powerful 2L, 197 HP engine. Starting out at $22,100, it is also one of the more pricier versions of the Civic DX sedan. All of the added weight and power output have also lowered the gas mileage to 21 city and 29 highway. However, all of the other interior luxuries are added to this model such as cruise control, power steering, power locks and standard safety features.

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