Honda LX Sedan: Price Vs. Trim Options

January 27, 2012

The Honda LX sedan is one of the leading luxury model cars on the road today. Outfitted with the latest technology and amenities and favored by critics and customers alike for its easy handling, safety ratings, mileage levels and more, this vehicle is an affordable way of driving in style and is appropriate for a wide range of drivers and needs. A quick survey of the LX specs will help to make clear the reasons that this car is at the top of its class; read on for an overview of the Honda LX sedan according to price and different trim options. The following information is valid for the most recent model year of Honda LX sedans, 2010. Earlier models may have slightly different specs and are typically somewhat less expensive.

Honda LX Sedan

The Honda Accord LX family is one of the various sets of trim models for the Accord, one of the most popular vehicles on the road in the United States. The standard price for the Honda Accord LX sedan model is $21,855, although dealership incentives can help to change the total cost that you pay. This standard model of the LX sedan comes complete with a wide array of different features, including Bluetooth capability, climate control, adjustable seats, power windows and doors, enhanced sound system and more.

The LX engine is 2.4 liters with capabilites up to 177 horsepower.

Honda LX-P Sedan

The Honda Accord LX-P Sedan is the next level up from the standard LX model of the car. As such, most of the interior capabilities are the same (the engine and transmission systems are identical, for instance). Being a separate trim model, however, the LX-P version of the Honda Accord has enhanced amenities. These include upgraded seats, optional DVD entertainment system and more. The added cost for these extra amenities brings the total manufacturer's suggested retail price for this trim model of the Honda LX sedan up to a price of $22,855.

Honda LX-S

The LX-S model of the Honda Accord is a third trim model option for the sedan size version of the car. It is further upgraded from the LX-P sedan, and the resulting price is higher; the manufacturer suggested retail price of this vehicle is $23,355. As a further upgraded model, this vehicle contains a wider array of luxury amenities than even the LX-P sedan does. These included a top of the line sound system with disc changer, expanded wheelwells and tires, GPS navigation system and more. The LX-S Honda is available in both sedan and coupe styles, depending upon your preference.

If you have any additional questions about purchasing a new Honda vehicle, or about the specifications or characteristics of any of the Honda LX sedan vehicles listed here, speak with a representative at your local Honda dealership. You can also find information about the specs for these vehicles online.

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