How Does a Magnetic Fuel Saver Work?

January 27, 2012

Capitalizing on ever increasing gas prices, products like the magnetic fuel saver promise to give large increases in fuel economy for a reasonable cost and ease of installation. The way they go about delivering these savings, and the actual savings you may receive however may have trouble meeting the manufacturer's grandiose claims.

Aligning Fuel Molecules


One function of the magnetic fuel saver, is to use a specially calibrated magnetic field generated by a magnet placed on the fuel line in order to align and alter the state of the molecules of fuel as they enter your combustion chamber. The effect of this realignment is said to be an increase in combustion efficiency as well as reduced emissions, leading to a cleaner and more efficient engine.

Results in Practice


In reality, the effect of exposing your fuel to a magnetic field is undetectable to most tests, including those done by several consumer reporting groups and the EPA. Combustion properties as well as combustion byproducts and hydrocarbon emissions are determined by combustion temperatures as well as air and fuel ratios. Alignment and polarity of fuel molecules has little to no effect on the chemical processes that lead to combustion.

If you are serious about improving fuel economy, products such as these will have an effect that pales in comparison to the improvement that can be made simply by changing your driving habits. Using a lighter right foot, keeping your vehicle properly tuned and reducing time spent idling can all have a dramatic effect on fuel consumption. Best of all, changing your driving style costs nothing but a bit of your time.

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