How Does an Auto Driveaway Service Work

January 26, 2012

If you want to move a vehicle hundreds of miles but prefer to have someone else drive, consider an auto driveaway service. Auto driveways seek to match the demand for moving a vehicle with responsible individuals willing to drive someone else's car. Search for these companies under "auto driveaway services" or similar. Auto driveaway companies vary in their operation, but common features include:

Costs and Time Involved

The company may charge the car owner a flat rate for the transport, for example $300 between Florida and Pennsylvania. The owner may also reimburse the driver for fuel costs. In addition to insurance carried by the customer, the auto driveaway company may carry liability in the $1 million to $2 million range. Some companies offer transporting the vehicle by truck as well. By contrast, this option may cost more, for example $750 from Florida to Pennsylvania. The number of days to complete the transport varies. Having a person drive it could take 4 days from Florida to Pennsylvania. Truck transport may increase the time, for example 7 or 8 days for that same trip.

Delivery and Pickup

When you deliver your vehicle to the driveaway office, keep as few personal items as possible with the vehicle. The company will document the vehicle's condition and note any defects. After your vehicle is transported to the destination, you can pick it up. Examine the car yourself to compare it to its pre-trip condition.

For Interested Drivers

An individual seeking to drive a vehicle may need to produce a driver's license, references at the destination, submit to a moving violation report (MVR) and produce collateral. Collateral may consist of a cash deposit, for example $350, and/or a credit card. The company will issue the driver a vehicle with a certain amount of gas. The driver may be responsible for further gas expenses or have them reimbursed. Many companies require a minimum age, for example 23. The driver usually saves money with an auto driveaway service, compared to traditional travel options like a rental car.

Related Questions and Answers

Does an Auto Driveaway Service Have a Flat Rate for All Cars?

An auto driveaway service is a professional transportation of your car with another driver, or it is transported on the back of the truck. Each company operates differently, but they will have different rates for fuel costs. Some companies will charge a predetermined rate for fuel included in the quote, while others will demand the money separately. So, while they will charge the car owner a flat rate for the transport, the insurance costs and fuel may vary. Generally, the auto driveaway company may carry liability for about $2 million. It is important to remove all valuables from the vehicle and inspect it before sending it to an auto driveaway location.

What are the Most Popular Auto Driveaway Companies?

Auto driveaway companies should be reviewed carefully because some are not picky about who they let drive. Some of the more reputable and popular companies are listed here. Auto Driveaway: Serving North America; AA Auto & Home Movers: Movers of vehicle and/or your home; carmoza: Specializes in moving vehicles for families of those in the Armed Forces; Custom Auto Delivery: Delivers cars and trucks, licensed by DOT, and have been in business for 30 years; Professional Drivers Incorporated: AAA approved, member of BBB, will customize schedule based on your needs, transport your pet(s) and personal belongings, cars, trucks, mobile homes, and light trucks (U-Haul & Ryder type). In business for more than 25 years.Will a Driveaway Service take Longer than an Auto Shipping Service?

Typically, a driveaway service will take a shorter amount of time than a shipping service. When using a driveaway service, the service contracts the "drive" to one of its many contacts. These people are either doing the driving to earn a living, or as a way to reach a destination. In either case, the driver has strong reason to reach the destination in the shortest time possible. A shipping service is concerned with maximizing profits from the journey. As such, they will be picking up and dropping off in various places along the route that was determined by the pick-ups and drop-offs.Can I Look Up the Driving Records of Driveaway Drivers?

The short answer is yes, you can look up driveaway drivers information. However, it is usually not necessary for you to look up the information personally. Driveaway services require their drivers to provide them with driving record information. This information includes proof of a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and references from the destination location. Moreover, the drivers must allow a MVR (moving violation report) to be generated. The driveaway service has this information and you can view it before signing an agreement. If you wish to look up the information personally, there are record search companies that can do this, but you will be required to purchase a subscription.Can I Get 7 Day Driveaway Insurance?

7 day driveaway insurance must be purchased through a dealership, and can only be used as temporary insurance for the purpose of driving the purchased vehicle home, and until you secure permanent insurance. As long as you are buying the vehicle, you can purchase the insurance. However, you should look around because many dealerships will offer the insurance free for buying the vehicle from them. Temporary auto insurance can also be purchased in 7 day periods, and is general, used when transporting a vehicle or taking a trip.Are Driveaway Transport Services Responsible for All Damages if there are any?

Driveaway transport liability varies depending on the company. Some companies will have master insurance policies that provide for liability coverage in the event that one of their transport drivers has an accident and causes damage to others and/or their property, including the vehicles being transported. However, liability coverage is not something you should take for granted. You should always inquire about their liability, and carefully review the agreement to see what may or may not be covered. Indeed, because of this, there may be gaps that could cause you to have to place a claim on your insurance policy.

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