How to Become a Car Transport Driver

May 17, 2013

Whether you want a new career or simply need part-time work, there are a few ways to get a job as a car transport driver. Depending on your goals, you two basic options. You may obtain a commercial driver's license (CDL) and become a certified truck driver who hauls several cars at once; or you might choose the option of getting paid to drive one car at a time between dealerships.

Decide Which Car Transport Job Interests You

Auto transport drivers who typically haul large trailers with 6 to 10 vehicles need a CDL, along with proper training and certifications.

Drivers who move a single car from one dealership to another -- whether across town or in another state -- need nothing more than a regular license and a clean driving record.

Look for Transportation Driver Jobs

Once you've decided which type of car transport you're interested in pursuing, it's time to look for a job.

If you want to drive individual cars, ask dealerships in your area if they need help. They often hire retirees or part-time employees to swap cars with another dealership when customers want a certain color or option. This job generally pays a few hundred dollars per trip, depending upon the journey's length.

If you want a full-time position with better pay, you'll need to drive a large truck that carries several vehicles. Start by contacting companies that specialize in hauling autos. National Transport LLC and A-1 Auto Transport, Inc both specialize in this type of work; DAS Auto Shippers has information for employment right on their website.

Most require experience, but some offer classes and certification to train the right people for the job. Just be sure you're dealing with a legitimate company before traveling or paying any sort of fee for work or training. Consult consumer reporting agencies, such as the Better Business Bureau, if you have doubts.

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