How to Become a Driveaway Driver

January 27, 2012

A driveaway driver is a person who helps to transport cars between locations. There are a variety of transport driver jobs in the auto driveaway field. Some of these driveaway jobs involve moving rental cars and cars for lease betweeen sites around the country in order to maintain an even distribution of cars in different locations for people to rent. Others involve driving vehicles that contain materials for transport between areas. Still others involve driving cars that owners have paid to ship or to have sent from one site to another. If you enjoy dirving and have a passion for spending time on the road, you may be interested in a job as a driveaway driver. Unfortunately, these jobs are few and far between and it can be difficult to know where to begin your search for a job of this type. Read on for a brief guideline on how to become a driveaway driver in the United States.

Step 1 - Familiarize Yourself with the Driveaway Companies

There are several major driveaway companies in the United States. Many of these companies are nationwide and provide service all throughout the country; others are localized and only serve certain regions or even particular states. When you are beginning the application process, it's important to know what you're looking for in a job of this type. If you want to travel all over the country, look to the nationwide jobs. If you'd prefer to stay relatively close to home, look for one of the regional or state-based jobs instead.

Begin your application process by looking on the Internet for a list of driveaway companies of the type that you're interested in. Simply search for drivewaway jobs and your city, state or zip code, or "nationwide" if you're looking for a job that covers a larger area. On a separate sheet of paper, take note of all of the companies that you find as well as their websites and contact information.

You may also wish to look in the local phone directory; this will be helpful if you're looking for a driveaway job nearby to where you live. Cross reference this list against the one that you've already made of online companies and create a comprehensive list to work with.

Step 2 - Contact Companies for Job Listings

You'll now have to take the time to contact each of the companies on your list in order to ask about potential job openings. Many companies list job openings on their websites. For others, however, you'll need call them, or potentially, to visit their regional office.

Step 3 - Come Prepared to Your Driving Test

All driveaway companies require that applicants pass a driving test and background check. Be sure to provide proof of your license and of valid auto insurance at the time of your application. Practice driving safely and review the rules of the road in your area before you visit the regional headquarters of the company you are applying to in order to take driving test.

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