How to Buy a Minivan

January 27, 2012

A lot of people decide to buy a minivan as their family expands and they find themselves feeling increasingly cramped in the old family car. Once you have made the decision to buy a minivan, there are some steps you can follow to make sure your purchase goes as smoothly as possible. This article will walk you through those steps.

Step 1: Assess Your Financial Situation

Before making any major purchase it is important to fully understand your financial situation. How much are you able to put down on the car? How much can you afford to pay each month? If you have a car to trade in, approximately what is the value of that trade in? These are questions you will want to answer before you begin your search. It is also helpful to know your credit score before you begin, so you will have an idea of how good of a deal you will be able to get on the car. You can check your credit score at If there is a problem with your credit, you may want to order a more detailed credit report. This report will show you why your score has been lowered and will tell you what you can do to improve your score. If there is anything you can do to improve your score before you buy your minivan, it would be wise to do so.

Step 2: Do Your Homework

Before you even step foot in a dealership, it is crucial to do your homework. Look up comparison guides for every minivan in your price range. Check consumer reviews and safety ratings. Decide what features are most important to you, and which features you can live without. Ask friends and family members who own minivans what they think of them and if they would recommend them. Check out the car sales in your local newspaper to see what kind of deals your local dealerships are offering. Is this the right time to buy a new minivan? It can also be helpful to check out the websites of any manufacturers you are interested in.

Step 3: Make Some Stops

The next step is to start going to dealerships. Ask a salesperson to show you what they have available and ask to have all of the features explained to you. Test drive any models you are interested in. When test driving, do not listen to the radio or talk too much. It is important to listen and see if you hear any strange noises. Make sure you take both right and left turns and drive on both smooth and bumpy streets. This will give you an idea how the car handles.

Step 4: Make a Deal

Once you have selected the right minivan for you, it is time to make a deal. Be aware of the going rate for the minivan you are purchasing so you will know if you are getting an honest deal.

Buying a minivan is an important process, but if you know the necessary steps to take, it can be a fun experience.

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