How to Choose an Interstate Car Transport Company

January 27, 2012

Selecting an interstate car transport company can be an important decision whether you're a business owner looking to ship a fleet, or an individual who has a need to ship only one car. Perhaps you're a new dealership with many cars to move, or you've won an online auction for a vintage sports car. Each situation will be based upon certain deciding factors. Choosing the right interstate car transport company will depend upon your goals, needs and budget.

1. Decide on Your Goals

Whether you're looking at shipping for one vehicle or many, you must first decide if your interstate car transport company should specialize in certain types of shipping or be the most cost effective for your finances. Many companies specialize in transport of autos, but you'll need to determine if safety, cost or other factors are the most important for your situation. If you're transporting an antique roadster with a high value, you may be more concerned with specialized care of your possessions. If you simply need to get your second vehicle to your new residence several states away, you may be more interested in saving as much money as possible. Often, car shipping companies will specialize in such things as boat, motorcycle or vintage auto shipping. Decide on your goals before you begin the search.

2. Compare Interstate Car Transport Companies

As with any search, there are many reliable sources for interstate car transport. You may wish to start with your local yellow pages, as it may be of benefit for you to speak with a professional in person. Even if you have a need to ship a vehicle from another state, sight unseen, speaking with an employee of a successful auto transport company near you may provide you with knowledge, expectations and tips on what to look for to help make your selection easier and more efficient. You may even get a good recommendation for a sister or partner company in your preferred state. You could also go online and check your favorite search engine for listings of national interstate car transport locations. Many times, contacting a large firm by telephone can help you get a feel for how the business is operated. Online you will also find the benefits of receiving quotes, using discount coupons or tracking your shipment in real time.

3. Research Interstate Car Transport

Research is always necessary when attempting to make the best decision. It's possible to research interstate car companies by checking consumer reporting agencies, such as the Better Business Bureau, or seeking out online reviews. Transport Reviews provides an excellent resource to locate auto shipping companies and to view feedback from people who have used a certain company's services. Ratings and comments are provided for over 1500 companies who ship cars both interstate and internationally. You may also use this site as a tool to assist you in locating the best car shipping company for your needs.

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