Car Haulers: How to Find an Affordable Car Hauler

February 15, 2012

Find out how much is cost per day to rent a car hauler, the advantages of using car haulers, and how to prepare a car for car moving companies.

Car Hauler

If you are interested in having a car shipped a long distance, it will probably be cheaper for you to use car haulers to transport the vehicle than to simply drive it to where you want it. Car haulers are trailers designed to carry one or more cars behind a big truck or SUV. It is cheaper to use a car hauler than to drive if you want to transport more than one car because you only have to fill one vehicle with gas.

A car hauler is worth considering when renting a moving truck. It is usually more economical to move all your belongings (including your car) at once, especially when moving to a distant town or state.

Getting a car hauler for rent is very easy, and each will cater to a specific need and budget. It should be understood that there may be factors involved when renting a moving truck and/or car carrier, and these are:

Average Daily Cost of the Truck
Prices may vary depending on location and state but expect a daily rental rate of $20 to $35 for an average size truck capable of hauling all your stuff and towing your car at once. It would be a good idea to be on the safe side and try to rent a larger truck, especially if you own an SUV.

Most truck rental companies charge additional costs after a specific mileage as agreed upon the rental contract. These charges may average about $.20 to $.40 per mile, and accumulate as the mileage piles up. If planning to move from state to state, read the fine print and check whether the company accepts long distance rental contracts for their truck and car hauler.

The truck will have a full tank of fuel when you get it, and should be returned in the same condition. The average consumption for a truck is about 10 miles per gallon, and should be considered to accurately predict fuel costs. With fuel prices always on the rise, expect to spend at least $200 in fuel costs when moving a considerable distance.

Remember to thoroughly read the rental contract before making a deposit to properly determine the extent of coverage and all the costs associated with the rental agreement.

Using a Car Hauler for Used Cars

When an individual buys a used car from a dealer's lot or private party, they most often want to drive it away from the point of sale. Many of these buyers don't really think about what that entails. They feel that they don't have a choice but to immediately call their insurer, add another vehicle to their already costly insurance policy and make plans to sign over a title, register a vehicle and do all the other required paperwork.

What this adds up to is a whole lot of cost. The used car buyer who has a small car hauler attached to his or her vehicle effectively avoids all of these costs by simply hooking the vehicle up and towing it away from the point of sale.

Until you plan to actually drive the car, is does not need to be insured and it can registered as not in operation, for a fraction of the standard registration fee.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Car Moving Companies

Preparing your vehicle for car moving companies can help to ensure less potential for mishap and a more efficient experience for both you and the auto carrier. Many of these guidelines are mandatory rules set forth by the company, and others are suggestions that may expedite the process. Keeping your vehicle safe is a top priority for you, so following these recommendations can ensure proper delivery of your vehicle, whether you're shipping interstate or internationally.

Follow Guidelines
Many car moving companies require certain conditions to be completed before they will agree to transport your car, truck, motorcycle or boat. Make copies of all keys and provide them to the company. This includes ignition, trunk and any locking compartments such as the gas tank or glove box. Remove all personal possessions from the vehicle, including the trunk. Auto carriers are prohibited by law from carrying personal possessions inside a vehicle, and this may also interfere with the carrier's weight guidelines. Be sure to remove all loose parts such as non-secured bed liners and non-retracting antennas. You may also be required to present the vehicle with no more than a quarter tank of gas.

Non-Owner Shipping
Car moving companies usually require the owner of the vehicle to be present during drop off and pickup. If you are not the owner of the vehicle, you'll likely need to present a notarized statement from the owner authorizing your position in the matter. Additionally, a photo ID of the owner/owners or authorized party is required for pick up of the vehicle. Similarly, if the vehicle is financed or leased, a notarized statement from the bank must be presented before the transaction is completed.

Conduct a Vehicle Inspection Report
Whether or not car moving companies require this, it's a good idea to record any damage to the vehicle before you leave it in the hands of the shipper. This way, if any damage occurs to the vehicle during transport, you'll have a record of its condition before it left your possession. Taking pictures or having the vehicle inspected by a third party may be an option.

Opt for Car Shipping Insurance
Certain car moving companies include an insurance policy in their initial quote, and others charge an additional fee for this type of coverage. Especially during an overseas shipment, many auto carriers are only responsible for damages up to a certain limit. If insurance is covered within your quote, be sure you've read the fine print to determine any exclusions. If car shipping insurance is an option, you may benefit from the extra coverage. Marine shipping insurance is usually available for container shipments going port to port, or you may wish to purchase a temporary insurance policy to cover any mishap, damage or accidents that may occur.

Research and consideration of value-added services offered by car moving companies can be beneficial when deciding upon which carrier to hire. If you are prepared with all necessary paperwork, are aware of your options, and have researched the best car moving companies online, transporting your car should be a smooth process.

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