How to Find Cheap Car Shipping Without Compromising on Quality

January 27, 2012

If you're planning on using a cheap car shipping company, you'll need to do some research in order to find the most comprehensive list of car shipping quotes possible. Auto transport rates can vary significantly depending upon a number of different factors, including the origin and destination of the vehicle, the type of car, the mode of transport, the service provider and company, the insurance policy on the transport procedure and much more. Furthermore, different affordable car shipping companies offer basic differences in rates and calculation methods as well, making the process even more difficult. To find a good quality car transport company that will ship your car for a reasonable rate, follow these guidelines.

Read Online Reviews

The best place to begin your search for a reasonably priced and reliable car transport company is by reading reviews of these sites online. There are several different auto transport ratings sites, although Transport Reviews is the most popular and the most comprehensive as well. This site provides you with listings for well over 1500 different auto transport sites and services. You can access the reviews for free and read about how other customers have reacted to working with various car transport companies. This can be an excellent way to determine how effective, timely and reliable a car transport company is before you begin to work with that company. One thing that a review site like Transport Reviews does not provide, however, is a price quote or estimate for shipping your own particular car.

Make a List of Possible Sites and Get Quotes

After you've reviewed as many of the car transport services that provide shipping to and from your area as you can, you'll likely have narrowed down your selection to a shorter list of sites. Keep this list handy and go about finding quotes for the cost of shipping your car through these reliable, high quality services. Many sites offer free quotes that are available online. In other cases, you may have to call a company over the phone in order to receive an estimate.

Work with a Broker

Another option and a popular way of finding an inexpensive car shipping company that also provides high quality and efficient work is to negotiate with an auto transport broker. Brokers of this type are agents who work as intermediaries between customers like you and auto transport companies. Although the broker will charge a professional fee for his or her service, this same broker also can draw upon a host of connections and a vast knowledge base in order to get you the fastest, cheapest and most reliable service available to you. Many customers have found that the savings that a broker helps to get for them would have outweighed the cost of the broker's service in general, making this a good choice for anyone who doesn't have the time or desire to research different options.

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