How to Find the Best Car Dealership

March 18, 2013

When shopping for a new car or truck, finding the best car dealership in your area that sells the type of vehicle you're interested in will definitely make the shopping experience more enjoyable, pleasant and perhaps more affordable. Therefore, here's a quick guide to help you find the best car dealerships in your area.

Step 1 - Check the Manufacturer's Website

Although the manufacturer will directly support all new car dealerships that sell their vehicles, the manufacturer does recognize car dealerships that perform better, offer better service to customers and are generally considered better than others. In fact, most vehicle manufacturers offer their best dealerships special recognition or enhanced status on their websites. Therefore, if you have several dealerships in your area that carry the same type of vehicle, you will definitely want to check the manufacturer's website and see which one is considered to be the highest-rated.

Step 2 - Ask Around

One of the best ways to find great dealerships in your local area is to simply ask owners of the type of vehicle you wish to purchase. Most people are more than happy relay their experiences with a car dealer to you. So, find friends and colleagues that own a vehicle similar to the one you wish to purchase and simply ask them how their experience was at the dealership. Word-of-mouth advertising can be one of the best types of advertising for dealerships or one of the best deterrents in helping you to avoid paying too much or receiving subpar service.

Step 3 - Check with the Better Business Bureau

Contact the Better Business Bureau in your area and ask for reports regarding car dealerships. The Better Business Bureau maintains information regarding complaints and how they are resolved with most businesses in your area. Therefore, if you find a company with no complaints listed, or it has a track record of effectively resolving complaints, it is safe to assume they are a good dealership. However, if you find a company that has a large number of unresolved complaints, then you should stay away from the dealership.