How to Find the Best Holiday Car Sales

January 27, 2012

If you're looking for a way to purchase a vehicle for a good deal, look to the best holiday car sales in your area. During the holidays, many car dealers and companies take advantage of the increase in consumer spending in order to draw in more customers. One of the best ways that dealers have to do this is by offering deals and other incentive programs in order to sell additional vehicles. Read on for a brief guide on how to find the best holiday car sales in your area.

Step 1 - Look Online

The first step toward finding the best holiday car sale in your location is to know where to look. If you aren't familiar with the car dealers in your area, look online to find local dealerships. You can narrow your search according to the particular type of car that you're interested in buying, but you'll often find the best deals if you keep your parameters as open as possible. If you're already familiar with dealerships in your vicinity, consider looking online to find others outside of your area for additional options and better deals. Looking online is a good way to hear about various sales and other offers that are going on.

Step 2 - Keep an Eye on TV Ads and Newspapers

One of the best places to learn about holiday sales happening on cars in your area is through television ads. Look on local TV stations for advertisements and keep track of the various offers going on. You may want to keep a log of the different special deals that are occurring in your area so that you'll be able to have the information handy.

Look in the newspapers in your area as well. Many car dealerships offer ads in the weekend edition of papers or in classified sections. If you notice any of these ads, cut them out and keep them with you.

Step 3 - Ask Around

If you know of anyone in your area who has searched for a new car or has purchased a vehicle through a dealership recently, ask those people for advice about where they found the best deals. Because many dealerships don't offer their special deals online or through advertisements, it can help to have a word of mouth recommendation as well.

Step 4 - Know How to Get the Best Deal

Once you've settled on a couple of dealerships in your area, you'll need to hold them to their advertisements. If possible, bring copies of the advertisement with you to the dealership in order to ensure that you get the same deal. You may also want to inquire about exchanging a vehicle that you already own in order to get credit toward your new car purchase. The terms and conditions of each dealership that you work with will be slightly different in this regard.