How to Improve Muscle Car Intake for Better Performance

January 27, 2012

If you are looking for ways to improve your muscle car intake to increase performance, there are a number of options in front of you. By getting a better intake, you are basically allowing more air to get to your engine to cool everything down. This allows the parts to perform better and helps your car operate better overall. Your engine can do more work because it cools off faster, similar to the way your body performs better when wind blows on you after a long run. Here are some suggestions for improving your car's air intake.

Replace the Filter

A clogged filter won't work efficiently, so it is best that you replace your filter when it gets too dirty. If you have a plain filter, you should be able to find a cheap replacement at a local auto supply store. Replacement is also a breeze, but the process will differ based on your car. If you have more than one filter, make sure to check both of them. A cone filter may get to be expensive to replace, depending on the brand, so you might consider just cleaning that well to avoid a hefty cost.

Upgrade Your Filter

If you are using a standard filter, you might consider upgrading to a cone filter. the problem with most filters is that they have a limited surface area to deal with. When you install a cone filter, you have an entire cylinder of air coming through. This makes for a larger volume of air coming through while you drive. Cone filters may cost more to replace, but they will greatly improve your muscle car's performance.

Install a Ram Air Intake or Cold Air Intake

A cold air intake does just what it says it will; it intakes cold air for the engine. This is the absolute best kind of intake to get if you want maximum performance for your car. However, many cold air intakes must be located close to the ground, and they can suck water into the engine if you go into a puddle that is too high. While the unit itself may be beneficial, the benefits may not outweigh the risks.

If you are willing to give up a few horsepower, you can install a ram air intake. This is like a cold air intake in terms of construction, but it is located in the engine bay. Because of the heat from the engine, the intake does not bring in air that's as cool. It does, however, bring in a lot of air, so you get a similar performance level from it.

Keep Your Filter Clean

If you put in a cold air or ram air intake, make sure to clean and oil the filter regularly. This may only take ten minutes of your time, but it can greatly improve your performance. Check the filter every six months or so and you should be good to go.

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