How to Improve Your Diesel Fuel Mileage in [number] Easy Steps

January 27, 2012

Diesel fuel mileage is typically much higher than gasoline. This is due to a higher energy content in a gallon of diesel compared to a gallon of gasoline. Diesel fuel is about 33% more efficient than gasoline, however it does burn dirtier, and because of this does not pass all of its emissions tests in the United States. However, there are some that do, and for those that do, getting even higher mileage is even better. The best gasoline engines may be able to compete with diesel, but for the most part diesel reigns supreme for fuel economy. Here are some ways to improve MPG for a diesel car.

Don't Idle

Regardless of your car, idling is something that many people do. Idling is when you are sitting in your car while it is running, but you aren't moving. This typically happens when you warm up your car in the morning, or if you are in the parking lot waiting to pick someone up. Cars nowadays do not need to be warmed up for more than a minute, so there is no point in warming them up for 10 minutes, it will just waste about 1% of your gas tank. Waiting to pick someone up is the same, and you can easily just turn your car off while you wait. The effects are small, but it all adds up, plus you won't add any extra pollution into the atmosphere.

Avoid Stop & Go Driving

There are two forms of driving, steady and stop & go driving. Avoiding stop & go driving will do wonders do your fuel mileage. Stop & go driving typically happens when you are in the city, or stuck in traffic on the highways. You want to avoid this at all costs, not just because it is a waste of time and annoying, but because you are wasting fuel because of it. Stopping to zero MPH and then going back up uses much more gas than you think, and it is easier if you could keep your car in slight motion, than stopping it all together.

Steady Driving

If you want to avoid stop & go driving, then logically you would want to have steady driving. Steady driving is when you are not accelerating too hard, and also not putting as much pressure on your engine. This means coast when possible, longer but more equal accelerations, and constant speeds. Cruise control is a great tool to use if you are looking for a longer time period of steady driving. It will easily save you a ton of fuel, and it will allow your engine a bit of a breather. Setting cruise control at the speed limit is great for the highest fuel mileage for your car, and it will make sure you do not get a ticket.

Less A/C

Using your air conditioning less can help you increase your fuel economy since it is a big use of power. Obviously if it is 100 degrees out, use your A/C. But if it is cool enough to either roll your windows down, or even keep them closed, do it when possible to save fuel.

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