How to Modify a Muscle Car Exhaust System

January 27, 2012

Modification of your muscle car exhaust system can make your muscle car louder and more powerful. The installation of a Flowmaster exhaust system or a Cherry Bomb exhaust system is one such way of modifying the exhaust system of any muscle car. These exhaust systems don’t muffle the sound from the engine as much as normal exhaust systems. The installation of such an exhaust system also helps raise the horsepower of your engine and increases the flow of gasses from the engine. Thus, these systems are responsible for the full, booming rumbling noise from the engine and for an increase in the volume of gases released by the engine.

Modifying the Exhaust System of your Muscle Car:

  • One way of modifying the exhaust system of your muscle car is to install a Flowmaster or Cherry Bomb exhaust system. This can be installed within a few hours and you can do the installation yourself, or with the help of a qualified technician. You will need an exhaust system, safety goggles and an adjustable wrench. You will also need a set of car ramps, penetrating fluid, 2 wheel chocks, and gloves to begin the installation.
  • It’s advisable to wear the safety goggles and gloves before starting the installation to ensure that you aren’t injured.
  • You should first back your car on the car ramps, apply the brakes and immobilize the car by clamping the wheel chocks on the front wheels.
  • Penetrating fluid should then be applied on the fittings of the system and after a few minutes, the clamp nuts should be turned in an anticlockwise direction with the help of an adjustable wrench. This helps to loosen the pipe clamps of the exhaust system.
  • After turning the adjustable wrench in a counterclockwise direction, you should remove the bolts from the hangers at the rear end of the car and move the exhaust system to the end of the car, in order to separate it from the head pipes. Remember to remove the exhaust pipes from the head pipes. Once the pipes are removed, you can easily remove the exhaust system from the vehicle. Then, the rubber isolators and pipe hangers have to be removed from the mufflers, with the help of a wrench. These parts can be used for installing the new exhaust system.
  • The rubber isolators and pipe hangers should be fastened to the mufflers of the new exhaust system with the original bolts, by turning the adjustable wrench in a clockwise direction.
  • You should then place the new exhaust system under the car. Make sure you face the mufflers towards the rear of the car.
  • The system should be raised to the front of the car and the front of the exhaust pipes should be fastened onto the car’s head pipes. The pipe hangers should then be attached to the bottom of the vehicle. Lastly, the clamps should be attached to the joint where the system’s pipes meet the car’s head pipes. All these attachments should be made while turning the adjustable wrench in a clockwise direction.
  • The installation of the new exhaust system is now complete and you can drive the car off the car ramps after removing the wheel chocks and releasing the parking brake.

You will notice that your muscle car sounds more powerful once you replace the factory exhaust system with a Flowmaster exhaust system.

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