Limited and Extended Auto Warranty: Comparison Guide and Reviews

January 27, 2012

Cars are very expensive and fixing them can also be very costly an auto warranty can minimize the costs. That's why most people will consider taking out some form of vehicle warranty to ensure they are fully protected. A warranty will pay to put your car right if something goes wrong with it.

Limited Warranty

Almost every single new car will come with a limited warranty which is provided by either the vehicle manufacturer or the dealership. These limited warranties are sometimes also provided with second hand vehicles purchased from a main dealer.

A limited warranty has certain restrictions placed on it which will limit when it can be used. Most of these warranties will last for a period of 7 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Sometimes it is possible to find a car with a ten year or 100,000 mile limited warranty.

Throughout the life of the warranty they will cover the cost of correcting various problems with your vehicle including engine problems, body damage and various other potential problems.

This is great for the period when the car is new, however once the warranty expires, you are left with the same problem of putting the car right at your own cost. The answer to this problem is an extended warranty.

Extended Warranties

An extended warranty can offer an extension on the normal limited warranty so you are protected from unnecessary expenses for much longer. It's possible to buy car extended warranties from most car dealers and online services.

Whenever you're considering buying an extended warranty, it's important to do your homework and compare the warranty to make sure you're buying the right one. It's normally cheaper to buy an extended warranty at the time of buying the car from your dealer although this won't always be the case.

If you are thinking about taking out an extended warranty policy from your main dealer, then you will need to get some other quotes to ensure it's really such a good deal.

Understanding the Fine Print

It's extremely important you read through the entire extended warranty document so you can understand exactly what is covered. Read through the entire document so you can get the answer to many important questions.

Few policies offer to fund the replacement of parts which wear out due to normal wear and tear. However, if you are prepared to shop around and pay a slightly higher premium, then it may be possible to get a better deal which covers the replacement of everything.

By doing your homework, researching and comparing all of the policies you can ensure the extended warranty you are purchasing will provide you with everything you need. It's important to take your time so you don't risk spending hundreds of dollars on a policy only to find out it's not suitable or doesn't provide the right level of coverage.

Once you have found the best policy, it's then time to pay for it and start enjoying the improved protection it offers. These policies should mean you will never have to pay for auto repair costs ever again.

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