Minivan DVD Player Entertainment System Buying Guide

January 27, 2012

Minivan DVD systems can provide lots of entertainment which is welcome on long journeys, especially if you have children. These DVD systems come complete with small screens, which make it possible to watch a wide range of different films, from educational to ones the children love.

They are also loved by many adults and everyone except the driver can watch a film to take their mind off the boredom associated with a long trip. This will also give the driver some much needed peace and quiet so they can drive safely without any noisy distractions.

Choosing a Minivan DVD Entertainment System

Whenever you're choosing a DVD entertainment system for your minivan, there are a number of things that you will need to consider. This article will look at some of the areas you should be interested in when considering the different DVD systems available.


The most important thing for many people will be the price of the DVD system. Few people enjoy earning their hard earned money, and this means they will be interested in finding the cheapest system available.

There's nothing wrong with making your money go as far as possible, however, this doesn't mean that the price should be the only thing to consider. You will also need to think about several other things.


If there are any extra features which are offered by the DVD system then it might be worth spending some extra money on it. Some Entertainment systems can also handle Blu-Ray discs, which will make it future-proof. Some of them also have built-in TV tuners which would allow watching terrestrial TV on the move.

Build Quality

You really do what you get what you pay for. Normally speaking, the more money you are prepared to pay, the better quality system you can purchase. The build quality is very important because it will determine how long the system will last for. It's even more important if you have young children because they tend to be very heavy handed.

Twin Screens

If you have more than one child then you should probably consider a twin screen system. Twin screen systems are capable of displaying the same film on both of the screens to prevent arguments.

All in One Systems

Some DVD entertainment systems are all built in to the screen. This makes locating them in your car very easy. Others are separate systems, and this will mean it's possible to replace individual components if they break or become damaged.

Power Supply

If you are installing a DVD system in your minivan or car then you need to consider the power requirements. A regular DVD player won't be any good because this will run off 110V. Models built specifically for your car will run off the cigarette lighter socket and may also have batteries.

Screen Size

The screen size is something you will need to consider when choosing a portable DVD player. Choosing a system which is too big will be inconvenient, and choosing a system which has a very small screen will make it uncomfortable to watch the DVD.

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