Muscle Car Club: A List of Top Membership Clubs

January 27, 2012

If you own a American Pony Car classic, a muscle car club might be something you may be very interested in. If you're the type of car owner that is into muscle car shows or events, then muscle car clubs provide you an excellent way to network with fellow muscle car owners and learn about what's going in the world of older American vehicles.

There are hundreds of muscle car clubs in America, and probably as many more in other parts of the world; however, here is some information on some of the more prominent and influential muscle car clubs in the country.

Auto Trader Classics

Auto Trader Classics is not your typical muscle car club where members occasionally meet in a large parking lot to show off their cars and swap stories. Rather, it is an online club for muscle car enthusiasts that allows members to post pictures of their rides, get information about car shows and other muscle car events across the country, and generally keep up with what's going on in the world of classic muscle cars.

Members on the site are very active and are very forthcoming when it comes to sharing information and advice on muscle cars. With a few thousand active members, you can count on getting good information from other muscle car enthusiasts and experts. Be aware though that some of the pictures in the member vehicle's gallery might make you jealous.

Texas Muscle Car Club

Although the name Texas Muscle Car Club would lead you to believe that the club is only for members that live in the Great State of Texas, the club has members from all over the country. The club is one of the largest muscle car clubs in the country and frequently sponsors shows and racing events for members.

The Texas Muscle Car Club differs from other muscle car clubs in that it has access to some of the best drag strips and racetracks in the entire state. The club frequently hosts events at famous racing venues such as Texas Motorplex, Dallas Raceway and the Texas Raceway—all hosts to many professional racing events. What makes these events special is that entry fees for member are usually no more than $25 for participants and only $10 for spectators. Now that's a bargain for the chance to show what your muscle car can do against the competition.

Other Prominent Muscle Car Clubs

While Auto Trader Classics and the Texas Muscle Car Club are among some of the largest clubs in terms of membership, there are many other regional clubs around the country that have a large number of members and also sponsor events for their members. Here are a couple of the better regional clubs.

SoCal Muscle Car Club

For muscle car enthusiasts in the Southern California and Southwestern United States. The club usually meets every Friday night and has many special events for its many active members.

Michigan Mopar Muscle Car Club, Inc

Based in the heart of where these beautiful muscle cars were made, Michigan, the Michigan Mopar Muscle Car Club is one of the most active clubs in the country, and has hundreds of active members and thousands more that subscribe to the club's website. Frequent events, shows and member meetings are what helps this club to continually grow and thrive. Their website is very active as well and has plenty of pictures of member cars.


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