Muscle Car Rims: Standard Sizes and Most Popular Models

January 27, 2012

A set of new muscle car rims can give your vehicle the special aesthetic element it needs to truly stand out above all other cars on the road. Rims are generally considered to be a cosmetic element of your vehicle, as they don't account for any change in the functionality of the car. Therefore, many hot rod rims and rim sets for muscle cars are designed to be flashy and visually appealing above all else. Before you can put a set of custom rims on your muscle car, however, you'll need to know a few things; namely, you should figure out the size of the rims that you'll need and the most popular models.

Rim Sizing

The best way to check on the appropriate size of rims for your car is to speak with a professional or a mechanic. They can easily assess the size of the wheelwells on your muscle car and provide you with an idea of the best size rims for you to get. Most muscle cars have relatively large wheels, and require rims that are approximately 15 to 17 inches in diameter. However, certain types of vehicles and certain particular models and years may differ from this. Generally speaking, you can include rims that are slightly too big for your car's wheels (by one or sometimes two inches), but any other variation in size will cause the rims to not fit properly over the wheel bases. Mustang rims should typically be about 16 inches in diameter.

Most Popular Models

One of the most popular manufacturers of rims for hot rods and muscle cars is Genius Wheels. Genius Wheels has developed a reputation for building some of the highest quality and strongest chrome rims for vehicles of various types. These rims have a distinctive and attractive appearance and they tend to fit well in muscle car wheelwells.

Another popular brand of car rims for hot rod and American racing cars is Imex. Imex is a relatively new brand of car rims, but they've proven themselves by building some of the most aesthetically appealing and uniquely constructed car rims on the market. Best of all, Imex car rims come with a long-lasting warranty guarantee to help protect your investment. These car rims tend to be slightly less expensive than others, giving them another advantage over the competition.

2 Crave is a third popular brand of car rims available for muscle cars and other related vehicles. These rims are some of the highest quality ones available. As such, they tend to be quite a bit more expensive than other comparable rims. However, the excellent quality of construction and materials means that these rims will enhance the appearance of your muscle car considerably.

If you have any specific questions about which rims to install on your muscle car or how to install them, ask a professional mechanic or a service person.

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