Muscle Car Sounds: How to Make Your Car Engine Purr

January 27, 2012

There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve the way your muscle car sounds. Everyone aims to get that heavy purr out of their vehicle that defines a true muscle car. If you are looking to get a little more tone out of your muscle car, consider the suggestions below.

Materials Needed:

This will all depend on what additions you need to make to the vehicle. Check the suggestions below.

Step 1 - Change the Mufflers

The least expensive way to change the way your muscle car sounds is to change the mufflers. It would be wise to establish a good relationship with your muffler shop since this purring effect will require a lot of exhaust work. A lot of places online will allow you to hear a sampling of your car with different mufflers on it so you can see what tone you like the best. Some mufflers are meant to make your car louder, and others are made to make your car sound deeper. Try to do your research to get the richest tone possible. Preferably one that doesn't disturb the neighbors.

Step 2 - Change the Pipes

A lot of times the catalytic converters will reduce the sound of our car, but those are the only options to keep on your car to pass emissions tests. If you live in a state with no emissions requirements, you could consider getting some pipes with high flow cats, or an off-road pipe that has no cats at all. This will make your vehicle significantly louder because there will be nothing holding the air back form the engine. You need to check the laws about doing this before you go through with the exchange. If you do opt for the illegal approach, you will have to find a muffler shop that is willing to do the install under the radar.

Step 3 - Dump the Pipes

You do have the option of "dumping" your pipes, which means that you cut them off until they are right under your seats and turn them downward. This makes the sound louder for the vehicle because there isn't very much holding the car back from making noise. You might not want to go this route, however, because the noise inside the car will be very loud. There are better options for the same basic effect, even if they cost more.

Step 4 - Change the Cams

If you want a lumpy sound to your car, you can always change out the cams. Some cams do not work well with other additions to a car, like a turbo system, so be aware of that before you make a purchase. If you are doing engine work to begin with, a kit that you use may come with new cams already in it. Factor that into your decision as well. Just be willing to experiment with your exhaust and you should be able to find a setup that is right for you.

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