Muscle Car Tires: The Best Wheels to Consider for Performance

January 26, 2012
muscle car tires

Car owners who are looking for ways to improve the performance of their vehicles should definitely consider muscle car tires. The reason is simple - physics. Tires for muscle cars are designed to have excellent performance at high speeds, have good traction, are durable and look great. To get the most from your car, you want the right tires.

Tire Composition

There are many different types of tires as there are bias tires, belted bias tires, radial tires, solid tires and semi-pneumatic tires. The only type of tires that should be used on vehicles is bias, belted bias and radial tires. A bias tire uses ply cords that create a crisscross pattern on the treat. These tires are not recommended for muscle cars, as they have very bad handling at high speeds. A belted bias will have a stabilizer belt under the tread, so the performance is better and you have more stability when driving. Radial tires are one of the better choices for muscle cars, as they offer great steering control and have a long tread life. These tires are not designed to be used at slow speeds, and are not recommended for off-road driving.

Speed Rating

If you plan on going fast, you should look into the speed rating of tires. All tires will have a speed rating, and you can find ratings that go from 99 mph to 186 mph. The recommended speed can be determined from the tire code on the side of the tire, and will contain the recommended maximum speed. The tires that can go the fastest will be marked with a Y. Be aware that most tires can exceed their rating, but they will wear out faster.

Control and Car Handling

If you're after performance, you need to consider control and car handling. If you have larger tires, there is more connection with the road, more traction, more balance and less slipping. Several companies make performance tires such as Mickey Thompson, Nitto, Michelin and more. The Nitto tire has one of the largest contact patches you can find on tires, and provides the best handling and traction you can currently find. Mickey Thompson offers two types of tires: one for off-road racing and another for sportsman. The Michelin Pilot Sport is an ultra high performance tire that has managed to extend tread life, making your tires last longer.

Tires from BF Goodrich

BF Goodrich tires are used by some of the most famous car enthusiasts and racers. BF Goodrich makes many tires, but the ones recommended for muscle cars include the BF Goodrich GForce Super Sport, BF Goodrich GForce KDW2, BF Goodrich Radial T/A and the BF Goodrich GSport. The Radial T/A was an important tire during the muscle car's prime, as it was the definition of self expression and going against the norm. The GForce sport tires are very responsive and look sharp and classy. The KDW2 has a long tread life and is perfect for driving in very wet conditions, though it handles equally well when it's dry. The Super Sport is for those that are passionate and aggressive when driving their muscle cars.

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