Nissan Extended Warranty: Coverage Options with Price, Mileage, and Condition Pinpoints

January 27, 2012

The Nissan extended warranty provides coverage that exceeds that provided by the general standard warranty that comes along with your new or used Nissan vehicle. Like the factory warranty, the extended warranty serves as a guarantee from the manufacturer that the vehicle that you've just purchased is of high quality and built from solid parts. The company assures you that it will pay for any damages or malfunctions that are due to faulty construction or assembly error. Unlike standard factory warranties, most extended warranties from this particular manufacturer are unavailable for Nissan warranty transfer, the process by which the warranty remains valid and active when ownership of the car changes from one person to another. Nonetheless, extended warranties are an excellent way to get added peace of mind on your purchase after you've bought a new car from Nissan.

Nissan Security Plus

The first level of extended warranty for Nissan vehicles is called Security Plus. This warranty program provides coverage on your Nissan vehicle that is similar in nature to the standard bumper to bumper warranty; Nissan assures you that they will enlist trained Nissan service workers to help maintain your vehicle in the event that any of the component parts of your car should break down during the period in which the warranty is valid.

Security Plus comes in several different forms. All of them offer added coverage to additional parts of the car that are not yet covered under the standard warranty protection plan. Most of these extended warranties increase the lifespan of the vehicle's warranty by 5 years or 60,000, although you can pay additional money to extend the lifetime of the warranty beyond that as well.

Nissan Quality Guard Plus

Quality Guard Plus is a separate type of Nissan warranty that is valid for pre-owned vehicles that have been certified. Your Nissan will likely need to meet certain requirements for overall condition and quality in order to qualify you for this particular warranty program. These requirements vary according to the type of car and the model year, so you'll need to check in with a representative from Nissan in order to get more information.

Nissan Maintenance Plus

Maintenance Plus is a unique type of extended warranty protection plan that covers different types of maintenance that may need to be performed on your car. In addition to providing roadside assistance 24 hours per day, investing in a Nissan maintenance plus option for your warranty protection entitles you to free or discounted basic maintenance of a variety of types, including oil changes, routine inspections and more. Most Nissan Maintenance Plus plans are valid for up to 5 years or 60,000 miles; the longer the warranty lasts, the more expensive it is to you.

If you have any additional questions about how to begin a warranty protection plan with Nissan or about any of the different coverages, consult with a representative from Nissan or from your third party warranty provider today.

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