Rent a Pickup Truck Today for Long or Short Term Periods

January 27, 2012

You need to rent a pickup truck. You've bought a new home appliance or TV and it won't fit in your car or van and you don't want to break the bank getting it home. Monarch Truck Rentals is too expensive or unavailable in your area, and you don't know where to look to find the best daily rates.

Research Online

All of the rental agencies that have pickup trucks for rent have online presences. Spending a little time on research can help you save quite a bit when you're renting a 4x4 or a pickup. Not every rental agency offers pickup trucks, and those that do don't offer them at every location.


Enterprise is one of the few car rental agencies from which you will be able to rent a pickup truck. If you choose Enterprise, you're not going to be renting a 4x4, but a standard two wheel drive pickup truck with some nice amenities. The average price to rent a pickup truck from Enterprise is approximately $70. The exact amount that you'll pay will vary, depending on where in the country you're located and where you'll be renting the truck from. You can make reservations and check availability at the Enterprise Rent a Car website.


If you don't mind the huge U-Haul logo on the side of the truck, U-Haul rents pickup trucks for a very low $19.95 a day, plus taxes and mileage. U-Haul will normally be able to locate and bring a truck to a location near you if the closest location doesn't currently have a truck available to rent. You can make reservations and check availability online.

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