Sedans vs. Coupes, Trucks, and SUVs: Know the Pros and Cons

January 27, 2012

The popularity of sedans all over the world is still high even though there are different kinds of vehicles available in the market. Even today people prefer to have a sedan rather than any other kind of vehicle because they feel that sedans are better when it comes to the kind of desired performance and fuel efficiency. Most of the car manufacturers are constantly coming out with new sedan, coupes and SUVs models with environment-friendly technologies so that people would buy them and make use of them in their daily lives. While the demand for sedans is growing day by day, there are many buyers who may still prefer to purchase coupes, trucks and SUVs based on their requirements and performance of a particular model.

Sedans vs. Coupes

Sedans can also be called compact cars because they are a mixture of the large luxury and small family car. Some of the best sedans available in the market are the Toyota Camry, Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. The sales of these three sedans have really boosted other car manufacturers to go ahead and make more sedans that would be ideal for local people. One of the main reasons why sedans do better than coupes is because sedans have more space. The sedan is a compact family car where car owners have an option to take their family along with them. Whereas the coupe is a kind of urban car which is best for a couple. Coupes are getting more popular in urban areas where there are parking problems and a small compact car is what people need. Additionally, coupes often have a better speed performance.

Sedans vs. Trucks

Trucks are better when you have to carry a lot of load, but even sedans provide their owners some space in the rear where they can keep their luggage and other belongings. When it comes to overall appearance, a sedan looks much more sophisticated than a truck. Hence, car owners can use their sedans for many more occasions. However, people living in the interiors prefer trucks because they can drive it on rough and bumpy roads, and can carry a lot more luggage than what they can in a sedan. This is often the case in a more rural setting. Trucks are a lot more durable and as a result, require less maintenance.

Sedans vs. SUVs

SUVs do have a rather large demand in the market because many would prefer a vehicle that is both sporty and practical. Sedans however, are often way ahead of SUVs when it comes to gas mileage. On the other hand, SUVs are bigger, and give the driver a good view of the road and cars ahead which can be considered a safety bonus. People, especially those nervous about driving, prefer sedans as they are easier to park and dont intimidate them due to their size. This could be a great factor in crowded cities where parking space is a problem.

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