The 4 Best Cars for Elderly Drivers: Autos for Senior Citizens

January 27, 2012

As we age, our needs tend to change, and when it comes to buying cars for the elderly, there are some concerns to be taken into account. The number of drivers over 65 is expected to double in the next 15 years. That means now is the time to devise the best plan for creating automobiles to cater to the special needs of these drivers. Often the needs of the elderly fit other frequently overlooked demographics as well. For example, to be safe from air bag impact, you should be at least 10 inches from the steering wheel. This can be very difficult for not only elderly people, but short people as well. Hence, car makers have suddenly found an interest in making seats more adjustable, as well as steering wheels and operating pedals. These aren’t the only ways to make cars more elderly friendly. Elderly cars have a whole set of needs separate from the 25 year old 6’ male that most cars are built to accommodate. Here, in no particular order are our picks for the top 4 cars for elderly drivers.

  • Toyota Rav4: This crossover that is modeled after the Camry comes with many features beneficial to the aging driver. The body design makes the vehicle low and easily accessible, the steering wheel is thick and easy to grip and the controls for audio and climate control are pretty self explanatory. All of these factors combine to make it a pretty good buy for an older driver.
  • Toyota Prius: The Prius was one of the first hybrids to make it successfully into the mainstream marketplace. It has remained at the top of its game as a high quality, economical hybrid. Some of the benefits to the Prius are the voice-activated navigation system, blue tooth technology and adjustable steering wheel. The car is very roomy for a hybrid, offering plenty of space for comfort and the occasional grandchild. All of this and it will save you a phenomenal amount of cash on gas. The newer generations of Prius boast an impressive 50 mpg.
  • Lexus LS 460: This vehicle comes with a bevy of qualities that make it great for senior drivers. One of its best qualities is its highly advanced guidance system that makes maneuvering into tight spaces easier than ever. The guidance system even comes with its own backup camera. Another great quality to be found in the LS 460 is its remote ignition system. You can have your car warming up in the driveway while you finish off breakfast, without ever having to step outside. There are also Bluetooth technologies and heated seats as well as fully adjustable seating. This car isn’t just great for seniors; it’s great for just about anyone.
  • Toyota Sienna: Not only does this minivan come with remote back up camera, great adjustable seating and enough room to make anyone comfortable, but it is also one of the only mainstream vehicles to come in a mobility model. The mobility model is specially designed for drivers with special mobility needs.
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