The Best Auto Wagons that Seat 7 People

January 27, 2012

Auto wagons, also referred to as station wagons although the name has fallen out of favor in recent years, are the vehicles that have major carrying capacities and a lot of interior space, but that still sit close down to the ground. In terms of seat capacity, station wagon models are often right up alongside SUVs and other larger vehicles like vans and minivans. However, station wagons are generally not sold as frequently as these larger, heavier and more powerful vehicles. Read on for a list of the vehicles with the most seats, station wagon or auto wagon, and that are also the best selling cars in their class.

Ford Territory

The Territory is Ford's vehicle that is closest in line to a station wagon. It has a number of beneficial features that help to set it apart from larger vehicles. Among these features is the fact that the Territory is one of the best handling of all of the cars of its size on the road. It's so responsive in terms of its braking and steering that you'll feel as though you're driving a sports car or a much smaller vehicle. The interior design of the Ford Territory is praised by many for being versatile across the board and extremely smooth and sleek. The seats are also adult friendly and are suited to people who have longer legs.

Holden Captiva

The lesser known manufacturer Holden makes a station wagon type vehicle called the Captiva. This vehicle is attractive on the outside, but it features a noisy engine that doesn't tend to offer the smoothest ride. The interior space in this car is excellent, offering room for up to seven passengers to sit comfortably or with plenty of room for luggage and other goods. However, many people find that the bumpy ride that they get while driving this vehicle is enough to make them choose elsewhere.

Hyundai Santa Fe

The Santa Fe is one of the most competitive vehicles on this list. In addition to being the least expensive of all, it also boasts the most comprehensive and best overall warranty package. Hyundai is famous for offering generous warranty guarantees on all of its vehicles, and the Santa Fe is no exception. With an overall warranty that lasts for over five years, you'll be protected against virtually every bit of wear and tear during the initial period of this vehicle's life. On top of this, the vehicle provides a smooth ride and has a uniquely designed and attractive interior space.

Mitsubishi Outlander

The Outlander is the fourth and final auto on this list. It seats seven comfortably and provides a strong engine and a quiet ride, but many people criticize the interior design as tacky and somewhat cheap looking.

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