The Best Car for 16 Year Olds: Insurance Rate Considerations for Teenagers

January 27, 2012

One of the biggest concerns of most parents is to pick a good car for 16 year olds to drive once their child becomes old enough to legally operate a vehicle. There are a number of different issues that may concern parents in this situation, including the safety of the child and any other passengers in the car that he or she drives, the costs of adding your child to your insurance and more. One of the best ways to alleviate these concerns is to purchase a good, solid and reliable vehicle for your child to drive. Studies have shown that there are certain vehicles and types of vehicles that are safer than others, both in terms of their crash test ratings and in terms of the behavior that they illicit in young drivers who operate them.

Types of Car to Choose

If you decide to purchase a new vehicle for your teenager to drive, consider first the safety ratings of the vehicle. While teenagers are not necessarily more inclined to get in accidents, their inexperience on the road does oftentimes put them in a predisposed situation. If you suspect that your child may be distracted or tempted to disobey the rules of the road, or if you just want to help ensure that he or she is as safe as possible, look online for crash test ratings of different cars and select your next vehicle from amongst the safest vehicles on the road.

Choose a medium- to large sized vehicle that places your child somewhat higher up off of the road than a standard car. These vehicles tend to be sturdier because of their size, and the height advantage over other cars will allow your teenager the ability to see what is going on in the road around him better.

Types of Car to Avoid

Refrain from purchasing your teenager a sports car or other flashy vehicle. These tend to be more difficult to drive in the first place and oftentimes require experience in order to handle them properly. This will make the process of driving more difficult for your child. In turn, this can also make the vehicle more dangerous for your son or daughter to operate. Additionally, these vehicles can be more tempting to drive over the speed limit in, or to break other rules of the road. As a result, it's best to stay away from these vehicles and instead purchase either a used car or a less flashy car for your teenager.

Other Considerations

Safer cars (those that have achieved higher safety ratings in official tests) are less likely to increase the costs of your vehicle insurance as much as cars that are more likely to cause accidents. Because your insurance rates can go up significantly when you add a teenaged driver to your insurance policy, this can be another way of helping to keep the price of insurance down for you and your family.

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