The Best Cars for Student Drivers

May 30, 2014

When it comes time to outfit a new student driver with the best vehicle for the road, parents and families have to make complex decisions about what’s best in terms of cars for student drivers. Choosing the right cars for a student driver can help cut down on risk, and save a lot of money.

Consumer reports and magazines have pointed out some of the best car types and specific models for younger drivers. Families can choose new models for the best sets of safety features, but in terms of practicality, giving a new driver a late-model vehicle also saddles them with some additional large insurance payments, since auto companies think of them as high-risk drivers. Many families are satisfied with providing a reliable used vehicle, including one of these top choices.

  • Toyota Camry and Corolla – These personal cars from the Toyota company fit the bill for younger drivers. Their small designs provide good handling, and successive model year designs come with the kinds of safety features that you would expect according to the best new technologies for keeping drivers and passengers safe. Toyota buyers will want to make sure they are not buying off of the recall list, as over six million new Toyota vehicles have been recalled by the company, but a purchase of a Toyota with several years on the road generally helps to avoid this kind of liability.
  • Honda Civic and Accord – These cars from Honda also rate high on the lists of cars for student drivers. Good fuel economy and competitive safety features are part of what these cars offer to all of those who drive them. These vehicles also got competitive crash test safety ratings from the IIHS or Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
  • Hyundai Elantra – The Korean auto maker’s sedan offering is another popular choice for younger drivers. It offers the low center of gravity common to these kinds of smaller personal cars, as well as a range of safety options by model year.
  • Toyota Prius – The Toyota Prius has now been on the North American market for several years, and used models are available for resale. The Toyota previous is also part of the recall mentioned above, but the fuel economy and overall design of a Prius that has been road-tested by a previous driver attracts some families to this kind of choice for outfitting a student driver.
  • Honda Insight Hybrid – Honda has its own hybrid vehicle that is turning heads in the North American car market. Get the same fuel economy combined with Honda design and engineering.
  • Ford Fusion Hybrid – Yet another hybrid offering come from an American auto maker. Families are looking twice at this personal car for its miles per gallon and its high safety ratings.

Student drivers don’t need a flashy new car with a lot of engine power. What they need is a solid, safe, reliable car that won’t push their insurance premiums through the roof. The above list is just the beginning of a comprehensive set of options for choosing a modest, user-friendly vehicle option for beginners.

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