The Best Muscle Car Based on Gas Mileage and Reliability

January 27, 2012

Choosing the best muscle car for gas mileage is not easy, by any means. Muscle cars have a reputation for being ‘gas guzzlers’ and are not known for their economic capabilities. The term ‘muscle’ refers to their huge V8 engines which are synonymous with drinking gasoline. People who buy muscle cars are not always thinking of fuel economy, but the actual prestige that goes along with owning one.


As the costs of gas and fuel have risen in the last few years, manufacturers of modern muscle cars have had to consider economic characteristics when they build their newer models. In the days of old when a Ford Mustang was known as the fastest muscle car, or at least one of them, filling up at the pump was not as expensive as it is now. The modern muscle car has to out perform the best classic car in order to compete in the price list and reliability list. It really is a pretty balanced field in terms of best gas mileage.

However, there are some muscle cars that are slightly more gas mileage friendly than their counterparts. Typical V8 engines are likely to get an average of 16-22mpg. There are a few that have been found to be less greedy when it comes to the gas pumps but there is no real difference in the equality of the economy of these vehicles.


Reliability is a different question, however. Everyone has their own ideas of the most reliable muscle car. It could be a question of luck that one person buys a Ford Mustang and has nothing but trouble with it, while their neighbor buys the same model and it never fails to start.

Comparing Models

One of the fastest muscle cars is the Mustang 200 CI which gets 25 mpg on the highway and 19 mpg around town. This is in direct contrast to one of the best classic cars, the Dodge Charger which gets 18 mpg on the highway and only 13 around town. There is not much of a difference between most V8 engines because the size of them dictates that by nature they will be very fuel inefficient and gas greedy.

Having seen this list you can clearly see that most muscle cars are always going to fall into the gas guzzler category. There is not a great deal of comparison between muscle cars. However, when it comes to reliability all of the above have proven track records in being reliable cars. Basically it is down to personal choice when choosing a muscle car. Some of the more reliable cars do suffer from lower gas mileage but over all they are pretty evenly balanced.

There are some excellent auction sites, similar to eBay motors for finding muscle car owners who privately auction vehicles. You can find Streetcars too and then there are project cars if that is what you are particularly looking for.


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