The Best Vehicle Models for Putting a Wheelchair in a Car

November 13, 2013

It is not always easy to put a wheelchair in a car. While wheelchairs have come a long way over the last couple of decades, they can still be cumbersome to get into a vehicle, and may ultimately need to be disassembled to get them in. How you get a wheelchair in the vehicle will depend largely on the style of the wheelchair. If the chair is a large electric powered chair, it will not be able to be disassembled or folded, and will need a van to get it in the vehicle (usually). While just about any type of vehicle can be utilized by those who rely on a wheelchair for their mobility, there are some common themes and trends in vehicle models that are the most accommodating and popular.

Dodge Caravan

The Dodge Caravan is perhaps the most commonly used of wheelchair vans to include wheelchair ramps for access, in addition to having the space to maneuver a wheelchair in the vehicle. The Caravan offers many features to wheelchair users that are simply not available in smaller vehicles, while maintaining a sense of style and a measure of affordability. Out of any of the minivans on the market, the Caravan is one of the least expensive, with a proven track record for durability and reliability. Due to it's body style, the Caravan is also one of the easiest vehicles to modify.

Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is one of the most stylish and accommodating minivans, and perhaps the most stylish disabled vehicles on the market. Due to the expanded space and door configuration, is ideal for modification to accommodate wheelchairs either as a seat within the vehicle, or storage of one. Being a Toyota, the reliability and economy can not be rivaled, but that economy and reliability does come at a price. The Sienna is significantly more expensive than the Caravan.

Honda Element

The Honda Element is a relatively new vehicle to the handicapped accessible vehicle lineup. The element has a seating configuration that is inherently accommodating for those in wheelchairs, and frequently needs little or no modifications for those using wheelchairs. The french-style doors offer a door opening that is more than accommodating for a wheelchair. Drivers enjoy having an option that is not a full sized or minivan, as they have long been the standard for vehicles that will accommodate a wheelchair. Most people who need to utilize a wheelchair want to have options for style, performance, and accommodation of lifestyle almost as much as they want to have an accessible vehicle. The Element allows for more options outside of the the minivan box, and is offered at a price that is equally affordable, if not more so, than a modified van.

While there are any number of combination of vehicles and configurations that are meant to accommodate a wheelchair, most times the vehicle that is obtained largely dependent on the level of need that the consumer has.

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