Wheelchair Van Ramps: A Guide to Wheelchair Ramps for Vans

February 23, 2012

Compare the best wheelchair van ramps, learn how they compare to lifts, and find out where you can get a wheelchair van ramp on the cheap.

Wheelchair Van Ramp

Wheelchair ramps for vans are an essential requirement when transporting physically disabled individuals. Whether you are transporting disabled children and/or adults it's important to invest in a wheelchair ramp for your van.

Used car dealerships will often have vans in stock with wheelchair van ramps that you can purchase for reasonable prices. It's easy and rather inexpensive to get these van wheelchair ramps up and functional. Doing your research on which companies produce the best wheelchair ramps for vans will make you much more likely to obtain a high quality ramp for a reasonable price.

The Best Wheelchair Ramps for Vans: A Comparison Guide

Some of the top brand names of portable and fixed van ramps for wheelchairs include Silver Star and EZ Access. They have many different makes and styles that provide a wide array of functionality. There are also many different types of accessories that are sold individually to meet the mobility needs of just about anyone. Such accessories as support tubes, transition plates and handrails can be changed to meet your needs.

Silver Star
Silver Star wheelchair ramps are solid and are able to hold up to 600 pounds. They are extremely lightweight for easy transport and are made to be strong, solid and durable. They can be easily slid in and out of the side or the back of a van, and they come in several different lengths, ranging from 1.5 feet to more than five feet long. You can buy them in one piece or they can be purchased in a fold-up style that you can easily take with you.

EZ Access
EZ Access supplies full size van ramps and fold-up ramps. Wheelchair van ramps are available in length from five feet and up. This is a significant advantage for those that need a little more room to get up the ramp into a van. EZ Access ramps are made to withstand up to 800 pounds.

Prices for both of these ramps are comparable, although EZ Access provides more for the money than Silver Star. The best thing you should do is find a ramp that works with your choice and style of wheelchair or scooter. These ramps need to be safe and sturdy enough to hold both the weight of a person's choice of mobility and their body weight. You should choose one that can be easily altered for height, especially if it is a portable ramp.

You can purchase these ramps at virtually any medical supply store, as well as on the Internet. Find an expert who can help you find the wheelchair van ramp that best suits your needs.

How Wheelchair Ramps Compare to Lifts

Wheelchair ramp vans have plenty of pros and cons about them, as do wheelchair lifts. It is important you are made aware of each and every one, so you will be able to get the right one for you or whomever you are using them for. There are a few key differences between lifts and ramps. Here is a quick guide to help you determine the better option for your needs.

Wheelchair Lifts
Wheelchair auto access is something that anyone with limited mobility needs to consider. Wheelchair lifts are made to make the process of getting people in wheelchairs in and out of the van easily with no effort needed. It is easy to use and works well for those that have trouble pushing themselves up ramps. However these are very expensive and installation is not something that can be done easily. It's also important to note that the lifts take up quite a bit of room in the van. Some models are made to store under the van, but this isn't a common installation practice for a personal vehicle.

Wheelchair Ramp
A wheelchair ramp is used for people that can get up ramps with ease. They do require a little bit more work to use but are much more affordable. They are also easy to install and can be repaired easily if needed. You will need to worry about the angle of the ramp. If it is too steep, then it could be too hard to get into. However, if it is too shallow, then this could also create problems.

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