The Pros and Cons of Minivan Ownership

January 27, 2012

The minivan has replaced the station wagon as the main family vehicle. There are those who love it and those who hate the minivan. It certainly has advantages and disadvantages.


The minivan can hold large numbers of people. It’s common to be able to put 7 people in a minivan and quite possible to find vehicles that will hold 9 people or even 10 people, as well as some luggage. This makes it ideal for vacations, or even for families with plenty of shopping to pack in.

Being higher off the road means that there’s much better visibility, making the minivan a great deal safer. This can leave drivers feeling more confident and driving much better. The rear seats in a minivan can be removed so that it’s possible to put in much more cargo in the available space. If there are large loads to be moved, this is ideal.


A new minivan is expensive. Only an SUV will cost more. It’s only going to be worthwhile if you need a minivan to transport large numbers of people. For a small family it’s hardly worthwhile, unless you’ll regularly be moving large amounts of cargo, and there are better options for that.

The gas mileage on a minivan is generally poor, certainly when compared to cars. This means it will cost a great deal more to run the vehicle over its life. An owner needs to be prepared for this. There can be safety issues with a minivan. Being higher might give better visibility, but it also means the vehicle is more prone to being buffeted by the wind.

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