Three Interesting Muscle Car Facts Most People Don't Know

January 27, 2012

Muscle cars are among the most expensive and collectible vehicles on the road today, but there are still a lot of rumors that exist about these vehicles, muscle car facts aside. Because many different manufacturing companies have designed muscle cars, and these vehicles have gone by several different names as a general group over the 6 decades since they've been in production, it can be kind of hard to keep all of the muscle car history straight if you're not already an expert on these vehicles. Read on for some interesting muscle car info that you may not have known already.

Number 1 — Muscle Cars Began in 1950

The first muscle car was the Chrysler 300 series. This vehicle was first designed in 1949 and was released to the public in 1950. It received great acclaim, but this vehicle was quite unlike a standard muscle car of the subsequent generations. First of all, it was quite a bit bigger than a standard muscle car from later on. It was also extremely expensive and was built in a small quantity, meaning that it was quite hard to come by even at the time that it was built. Now, these vehicles are among the most expensive muscle cars that are available as collector's items.

Number 2 — Muscle Cars Had a Heyday in the Late 1960s

Although production of muscle cars has continued uninterrupted up until the present day, the real heyday of these vehicles occurred in the late 1960s through the early 1970s. By then, these cars had found their particular niche; muscle cars (also known as "supercars" at that point) had slimmed down in size and shed extra doors. These were small, compact vehicles with two doors and generally two seats only. They had also been outfitted with some of the most powerful motors available; new technology including V8 motors and hemi engines were quite common in muscle cars of this time.

Number 3 — Some of the Best Muscle Cars Are Australian

While muscle cars were first developed in the United States and became crucial tools in the drag racing scene there, they were also equally popular in Australia as well. Cars in Australia were first designed with certain longer races in mind. Thus, the design of the first Australian muscle cars was slightly different from that of the United States versions. Muscle cars in Australia had their heyday at about the same time as those in the States, but the Australian government regulated the overall power of these vehicles quite strictly after several high profile incidents that illustrated the dangers of such powerful vehicles. Nowadays, Australian muscle cars are collector's items.

There are a huge number of other interesting facts about particular models and makes of muscle cars. As companies tried to outdo each other, cars developed interesting quirks and unique characteristics. Speak with a specialist for more information.

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