Top 6 Minivan Myths Debunked

January 27, 2012

There are thousands of families today who drive a minivan for their daily transportation. Mostly the common sight of "soccer moms", the minivan is a popular vehicle for many who have large families. The space inside these minivans helps give room for several different passengers and adequate storage of items needed on trips or for different events. However, the minivan is not without its myths and stereotypes. Here are a few debunked myths about the minivan.

1. The Minivan Costs too Much to Operate

Almost every car manufacturer today produces at least one model of minivan. This is because the popularity of these vehicles is something that can not be ignored. One of the reasons that the minivan is so popular is they are relatively inexpensive to operate and maintain. Parts are readily available because of the many different models that are made. They do not require a lot of maintenance, other than what is recommended. The minivan is also easy on the pocketbook as far as driving is concerned. Gas mileage can be 22 to 30 miles per gallon depending on the make of the minivan. This minivan MPG goes a long way towards helping with the burden of high gas prices.

2. The Minivan is not Safe

Another common misconception is that minivans are not very safe to drive. Contrary to the belief, many of the top minivan manufacturers have top safety ratings in all areas. In looking at front impact, side impact, and even rear impact, the results are all the same. 

3. Prices of Minivans Are too High

Depending on the type of minivan you are looking at, the average MSRP is around $18,000 to $25,000 for a brand new model. This is the same as a standard sized sedan, but you are getting much more room, better gas economy, and the ability to haul larger payloads. This price is not just a base price. The typical amenities are included such as power accessories, CD player, cruise control, and safety features. 

4. Minivans Rollover Easily

When a vehicle rolls over, it is usually a combination of speed and leverage. Too much speed when going around sharp corners, or skidding, will cause a rollover. A vehicle that has a short wheelbase, and high center of gravity will also rollover when driven too fast. Minivans, when driven correctly, will operate much like any other vehicle. In fact, the low center of gravity, and low profile of a minivan makes them hard to rollover under normal driving conditions. 

5. Minivans are for Women Only

One of the more common myths about minivans is that they are for women only. However, minivans make great utility vehicles for repairmen, service people, and even salespeople. 

6. Minivans are not Good Used

A large percentage of the used vehicles being sold today are minivans. This is because many times when they are traded in, they still carry their warranty, have very few problems, and can give many more years of reliability. Minivans make a great used car for anyone who is looking for an inexpensive vehicle to operate.

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