Top AWD Minivan Models for Sale

January 27, 2012

All wheel Drive or a AWD minivan can be a treat to drive. If you are planning to buy an AWD then this is the article for you.

Honda Odyssey

This car is one of the best minivan models that you could ever find. The minivan is priced in the high ranges but that has not stopped anyone from buying the model. It is one of the first models to have a console tray in between the front and the third row seats. This model was also rated by Kelley Blue Book as the best value for money.

Toyota Sienna

This model of car was redesigned and the second generation Toyota is one of the best possible. There is just a single power train present in the 3.5 litre engine with 266 horsepower V6 but users can choose from the front or the all wheel drive to make sure that the car works in their region. The Sienna is also rated as the top 2007 pick of the year with the best performance among used cars.

Dodge Caravan

This model of minivan is really attractive and happens to be really popular choice with families. The Caravan has a large extended length version that nearly every family will love. The Dodge Minivan Caravan is priced at about $20,000 but there are buyers who are willing to get the van for that price.

Nissan Quest

The Nissan Quest features a roomy interior and a posh exterior. The minivan was also voted as the best value for money model by the Total Quality Index survey carried out by consulting company Strategic Vision. The minivan also costs very little while still being roomy, a good value for money

Kia Sedona

In the recent years, the model of car has been elongated to create more space for families. This all wheel drive minivan now has a powerful engine that packs quite a punch along with an enviable fuel economy. You will also find that the car has a luxury model that you can buy but the prices can range up to $25,000. You will be able to get rear obstacle detection system, leather upholstery and even heated front seats.

Chevrolet Uplander

The Uplander lasted only three years but the model was reworked later in life. The Uplander has a faster engine as well as a bigger seating arrangement. The van has a standard 3.9 litre V6 engine with variable valve timing, new 17 inch diameter wheels and a fuel version that can run on E85 fuel.

We hope these few simple tips have helped you decide on the model that you like. Make sure that you keep in touch with us for more informational articles.

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