Top Car Forums: The Best Auto Chat Online Communities

March 18, 2013

If you're looking for advice from knowledgeable amateurs or for free guidance from experts on vehicles, you may wish to look to online car forums for more assistance. These car forums are a great place to learn about car reviews. There are also places that specialize in repair and modification advice for vehicles. These car repair forums are among the most popular automobile-related sites on the web. You can find a wealth of important advice and information about how to adjust your vehicle for the least amount of money, and in the best possible way through these sites. Read on for a few ideas of the best auto chat online communities to visit.

Number 1 -- Car and Driver

Car and Driver is a popular magazine that focuses on vehicles of all different types. It has regular reviews and features on the newest types of cars and the latest models, as well as basic guidance for home repairs and do-it-yourself projects that you can engage in to modify and improve your vehicle. Car and Driver also has an excellent and well organized online forum where people can discuss a number of aspects about cars for free. Visit the Car and Driver website to find the forum and search for the topic or topics that most interest you.

Number 2 -- The Bump Stop

The Bump Stop is a popular online discussion area where there are eight different categories of topics to choose from. These eight categories range from parts and service work to manufacturer statistics, repairs and much more. This is a great place if you want to go to learn about cars from a varied community of passionate experts and collectors alike. It's also free to use. Visit the website to begin entering into the discussion about cars.

Number 3 -- CarsDirect

Of course, CarsDirect also has a widely populated and very helpful discussion section where you can visit to learn about a huge array of topics related to cars. Visit the discussion pages there.

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