Top Cars for Reliability

February 25, 2014

Cars for reliability are highly desired because you do not have to worry about having to constantly fix your vehicle or deal with any other problems. You know that when you get into a Toyota that it is going to perform well, be durable and look good. Many cars are known for their reliability and you should check them out when you are looking to acquire a new car.

  • Honda: The Honda Insight is considered one of the most reliable cars on the market, an accomplishment in light of relatively new hybrid technology. This is also one of the least expensive hybrid vehicles around. Honda has a reliability score of 8 and the company is well known for reliability and fuel efficiency. The Accord, Civic Hybrid, Accord Crosstour, Element and Pilot all have reliability scores of 9 or above and the Odyssey, CR-V, Ridgeline, Insight, Civic and Fit have reliability scores that range from 8 to 9.
  • Ford: Ford offers the most reliable domestically made vehicles and more than 90% of their available models had a reliability score of average or better. However, Ford is lacking in reliability with their higher end models of the Taurus and Edge. The Ford Mustang is a reliable sporty model and the Fusion is an excellent choice for a family car.
  • Lexus: If you want reliability from a luxury vehicle then look no further than the Lexus ES. The ES has always been reliable and, as the car has been redesigned, its reliability has only increased. This is a comfortable sedan that offers quiet driving. There are several versions available with the ESC as the standard. In 2004, the car was redesigned to produce even better gas mileage.
  • Jaguar: The Jaguar is the only European company that produces high quality cars that also rank very well in dependability studies. In 2009, the Jaguar tied for the top place in dependability studies and the old adage, “If you want to drive a Jaguar then you better buy 2”, no longer applies.
  • Kia: The vast majority of reliable cars come from Asian manufacturers, and this includes the Kia from South Korea. The Kia Sportage in particular is a very reliable vehicle. This vehicle is described as a compact SUV, though there are many different models available. It has only minimal issues with the engine, brakes, transmission and driveline, heating and air conditioning, steering and suspension, accessories and starting and charging. This means that your repair bills will also be low.
  • Chrysler: Only one of the Chrysler cars is considered reliable, and that is the Dodge Ram 1500. This truck is rated as average on reliability and performs very well on all road tests. However be wary of all other Chrysler products, as more than a 3rd of them have worse than average ratings.
  • Toyota: Toyota produces many reliable cars, though you do need to be careful. While the car may be reliable, such as the Toyota Yaris, it does not have the best driving performance. However, Toyota makes more than 18 cars that are rated as reliable with the top ones being the Camry, the Sienna and the Tacoma. These vehicles also offer great handling with excellent reliability scores.

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