Top Minivan Conversion Options

January 27, 2012

A minivan conversion is something that many people look into when buying a minivan. Long thought the domain of moms, or people with large families, minivans are very popular for other areas of the population. Because of the ability to convert a minivan into something functional for other uses, their popularity has risen even greater. Many groups now see that with a minivan conversion option, they do not need to spend money on larger vehicles they can not drive, or can not afford. Here are a few of the top minivan conversion options done today.

Wheelchair Accessible Conversion

A large segment of the population that buys minivans are those who have a handicap that limits their mobility. The use of a wheelchair is the only way they can get around. Buying a large, full size van would not be prudent, so a minivan conversion that makes it wheelchair accessible is one of the top options seen today. This conversion removes the back seats of the van and replaces it with a wheelchair lift. The back can be kept with an optional seating for passengers if this is going to be needed. 

Camping Conversion

Without going into the large expense of buying a full size RV or camper, many people are opting to convert their minivan into their own personal weekend camper. This minivan conversion is great for those who have a small family or for those individuals who like to go to camp grounds and enjoy some down time. This conversion can be as elaborate as you want to make it, or a very simple conversion of a bed and cabinets. An more elaborate conversion would be cutting out the roof an installing a tent camper that can give the minivan some more sleeping capacity.

Extension to Body

Another popular minivan conversion is to lengthen the cargo body to accommodate more passengers or more cargo. A lot of people will use this in conjunction with either of the two conversions mentioned already. This does entail more elaborate work in order to complete, but is worth it if you need the extra room. Cutting of the body, lengthening of the drive shaft, and even adding another axle are required. 

Lowered Floor Conversion Option

There are times when you need to have more height out of your minivan. This minivan conversion entails actually lowering the floor pan of your cargo area. This is mostly used for wheelchair conversions, or couriers. Adding an extra 10" inches to the overall height of your minivan will make a big difference in the amount of cargo that you carry.

Rear Entry Conversion Option

Many vans only have access by the side doors. The back door is mostly raised to allow for access to the storage area. One conversion for people with wheelchairs is to add a rear door entry. This will create a door opens out, as opposed to being raised upwards, for a ramp to be used in the loading, or offloading of the wheelchair. This conversion is for those who drive in congested areas and need to have access from either the side or the rear.

Related Questions and Answers

Does Your Minivan Insurance Go Up or Down When You Use Minivan Conversions?

In almost all cases, your minivan insurance will increase when you do a handicap conversion. Adding a wheelchair lift and other modifications will increase the value of the car, which means the insurance company will be on the hook for a larger sum of money should the minivan be destroyed. You can raise your deductible to help lower your premiums, but you have to cover a larger payout amount if an accident does occur. Before converting your minivan, call your insurance agent to get a quote. This will give you a good idea how much your premiums will increase.

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