Understanding Muscle Car Value and Price Depreciation

January 27, 2012

It’s important to understand muscle car value if you are in the market to buy or sell one, as you could then ensure you don’t overpay for such a car and also you don’t sell a muscle car for less than the best price it could fetch. All cars depreciate in value over time and muscle cars are also affected by price depreciation, but if you maintain your muscle car well, it will not depreciate as much as a normal car would within the same period of time.

Popularity of Muscle Cars

Muscle cars were largely manufactured by American companies and were characterized by large V-8 engines. Their only function was to provide high straight line speed and hence they were very popular among speed lovers. In the sixties and seventies, car manufacturers competed with each other for the muscle car market but in recent years, due to rising gas prices and the restrictions set in place by the government (to protect the environment), the manufacture of muscle cars is on the decline. Moreover, the tax payable on such cars is exorbitant in comparison to that payable on cars that meet pollution control norms. However, muscle cars will never go out of fashion and be prized by aficionados as collectible cars.

Value of Muscle Cars

The value of muscle cars can be considerably higher than that of unmodified cars. The price or value of a collectible car, such as a muscle car, is the highest price a buyer is willing to pay for it. Traditional price guides such as the Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds can only guide you on the prices of cars manufactured after 1979. Hence, the Collector Car Market Review and NADAguides might be better guides for muscle car pricing. You can also find out where to buy and sell such cars and parts for such vehicles by consulting these guides. Modifications can dramatically increase the value of these cars, which unlike normal cars aren’t as affected by price depreciation. Normal cars depreciate in value as soon as they are driven off the lot but the value of muscle cars increases over time especially if the car is well maintained and has a clean record. To ensure your muscle car is correctly valued, it’s advisable to get it appraised by a reputed garage. You can also have your car appraised at car shows and online auction sites. Finding out the price of the car in the actual market is a better indication of its true value than values obtained from guides. When buying a muscle car, you should also be aware of all the modifications carried out on it as certain modifications can have legal implications. Keep in mind that modifications made to the engine, to enable the car to go beyond the legal speed limit aren’t legally allowed.

All in all, muscle cars are exciting and a source of joy to most car lovers. They will never go out of fashion because of the deep passion many car lovers have for such vehicles and for the thrill of driving them at high speed.

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