Vans for the Disabled: Comparing the Most Used Vehicles

January 27, 2012

There are several different models of vans for disabled people out there, so you may have trouble finding the right one for you. Here are some models that you may want to look into. 

Dodge Grand Caravan SE

The Dodge Grand Caravan SE is one of the more popular vans on the market. This particular van, even when converted, is comfortable for the entire family. It has a ramp that folds out from the back of the van, which makes it a lot easier to park since you would be getting the wheelchair from the back of the vehicle instead of from the side. This is one of the main reasons why this vehicle is so popular. The conversion includes lowered rear floor, manual wheelchair ramp, tall rear door opening, non-slip flooring, custom exhaust, wheelchair securing straps, brackets and a seat belt with a shoulder harness. It's complete with air bags all around.  

Chrysler Town & Country LX

The Chrysler Town & Country LX is another very popular and often used van for the disabled. Although it does have a side entry for wheelchairs, it remains a popular model used. It has a lowered floor, has been fully crash tested, and features: anti-skid flooring, custom exhaust, custom carpet, removable front passenger seat, wheelchair securing straps and brackets, multiple wheelchair tie downs, and multiple ramp controls. The side ramp is powered and now manual.  

Honda Odyssey EX

The Honda Odyssey EX has become a popular model for a variety of different reasons. The conversion includes an 11-inch lowered floor, which provides plenty of headroom. The side door is powered along with the ramp. It has power windows and mirrors, air conditioning with rear climate control, power kneel system, quick release seats, keychain remote, wheelchair secure straps, and driver and passenger transfer seats. 

Ford E-Series

The Ford E-Series full sized vans are quite popular for those with disabilities. They are spacious, have plenty of head room, and have automatic or manual ramps. They feature lowered floors for easy access, special door openers, hand controls, transfer lifts, power seats and windows, raised roof, steering devices and of course wheelchair restraints. 

Chrysler Town & Country Touring Edition

Chrysler Town & Country Touring Edition is another often used wheelchair van that those who are disabled like to drive. The entry is on the side with a powered ramp, 10-inch lowered floor, crash tested, anti-skid flooring, custom exhaust, removable passenger front seat, custom fuel tank, wheelchair securing straps, two wheelchairs accommodation, multiple ramp controls, manual ramp override switch, remote door and ramp controller, and much more.