What are Fleet Cars?

March 18, 2013

Fleet cars are vehicles that are not owned by an individual or family, but are rather owned or leased by a government agency or a business. These cars can be commercial vehicles, which can be used for businesses such as a car rental service. Other times, a business or governmental organization may buy in bulk and distribute car fleets for things such as police forces.

Fleet cars are typically in service for a set amount of time and use, and are then sold and replaced. Consumers can get good prices on used fleet cars, whether they were previously rental vehicles, government vehicles or police cars. Fleet cars are usually well kept and properly maintained by the company or agency that owns them, so they are frequently great values once they hit the used car market.

If you're looking into buying a used fleet car, be sure to know what it was used for, and take the time to properly inspect it. Sometimes, used fleet cars can be in poor condition, but most of the time, they can provide cheap, reliable vehicles for consumers on a budget.