What is a Good Car for a Delivery Business?

January 27, 2012

Many times, using a car for delivery makes more sense than choosing to use a pickup truck for the purpose of delivering items. There are many reasons to choose a car including the fact that it can be used for both personal and business purposes. The Hyundai Tiburon is a good example of how a car can prove to be an excellent choice for delivering pizzas and other small items.

Hyundai Tiburon

The Tiburon comes with anti-lock brakes which are standard in 2006 models onward. It is also a sporty coupe that produces, in the base trim, 138 hp from a 4 cylinder engine. Different trims offer different transmission that varies from 6 speeds (SE model) to 5 and even 4 speed transmission.

Safety Features

The Tiburon is fitted with dual front airbags as well as front side airbags. It also boasts of having anti-lock 4-wheel disc brakes.

Comfort and Convenience

To make the task of delivering goods a little easier, convenience and comfort are major issues. It therefore makes sense to check the convenience and comfort features in the Tiburon GS. The vehicle offers, among other things, complete air conditioning as well as power steering. Furthermore, the steering wheel can be tilted to suit driving conditions. Split folding rear seats make it easy and convenient to load the rear of the vehicle and with automatic climate control available, every care has been taken to ensure a comfortable and convenient ride. In addition, the Tiburon GS also offers features such as cruise control.

Road Test

Before choosing the Hyundai Tiburon as a delivery vehicle, it pays to conduct a road test to see what the engine offers and how the car performs on the road. In addition, it pays to check its interior cabin as well as cargo space.

The Tiburon offers decent acceleration and the same goes for fuel economy. The ride quality is good, especially when going over sharp bumps.

The Tiburon passes muster in terms of steering under all conditions and it also offers good grip though steering may be a bit on the light side. Maneuvering at high speeds is not dangerous as the Tiburon offers maximum stability while being fun to drive.

Room, Comfort and Driving Seating

The seats are low slung but even so, they offer comfortable seating for those short and tall. All in all, as far as room, comfort and driving seating go, the Tiburon offers decent space and comfort.

Cargo Room

Because of its standard split folding rear seats, the Tiburon offers outstanding cargo room which is why it makes for an ideal choice as a delivery vehicle. It is in fact an ideal choice for delivering items such as pizzas and other small sized objects.

For those whose delivery business does not require transporting big items, then choosing a Hyundai Tiburon as a delivery business car makes sense.

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