What is a Good Car for a Family of Five?

January 27, 2012

Finding a car for a family of five can be difficult though it need not be impossible. You never want to be the family that jumps right into a vehicle before thinking it through. You could end up with something that is just not big enough or sometimes so big it’s not affordable. The key to finding a good economical car for a family for five is to get what you need to keep your family comfortable and safe without buying more than you can afford.


You want to make sure that your car is the safest you can possibly find, when transporting your precious cargo around town. Small cars aren’t usually the safest and they will not comfortably hold a family of five. On the other hand, a big truck based SUV is neither any safer nor necessary. The best and safest option for most is a good mid-sized sedan, a family friendly hatchback or a car based sedan very similar to the hatchback. Read safety sites and crash test results. Minivans are also a great option, though a lot of parents today are looking for a sportier image than a minivan. Once you have used the safety information to narrow down you choices to three or four of the safest models that you can afford and like, make an appointment to test drive the vehicles. Be sure to bring any car seats or booster seats you might use to see if they fit. Safety should be your number one factor. After that you can narrow the list down from there. 

Space and Convenience

A great car for a family of five will provide the entire family with sufficient room to move around and to get in and out of the car easily. If you have babies, you need to remember that they have strollers, diaper bags and larger car seats to contend with. You always want to make sure that there is enough room for a rear facing child seat if you have a baby under one or plan to have one soon. Families differ in how much space they need in order to be comfortable, so bring your children with you when you go to look at cars so they can get a feel for it as well.

Vehicle Suggestions

When all is said and done there are some cars that are just great for a family of five. If they aren’t already on your list they are something to consider. A great midsized sedan is the Toyota Camry. These cars get great gas mileage and have roomy backseats. You can even fit three car seats across the back of a Toyota Camry. They come with locking seatbelts and three fully equipped LATCH anchor backseats.

Another good option for space and convenience is the Honda Odyssey; these roomy minivans have fully adjustable rear seats, rear air conditioning features, all standard safety features and they get impeccable gas mileage for a minivan thanks to their aerodynamic design.

With a little background research of safety factors and a reasonable inventory of what your family needs for safety and comfort, you can usually find a decent family car for an economical price. Before purchasing any car make sure your entire family at least sits in it and gets a feel for the vehicle. Do not let the kids make the choice for you, but do take stock of their concerns. 

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