What is a Good Car for Babies?

January 27, 2012

Most people never think of purchasing a car for babies. But these new little people tend to determine everything in their parents’ lives all the way down to the car they drive. Obviously as the parent of an infant, safety should be your first priority. When it comes to babies there is a lot more to safety than just airbags and a good frame. Whole new layers of safety are added to cars for babies. You need to find a car that doesn’t just fit your family but that you can fit them into.

Safety Features for Families with Babies

LATCH points are important when it comes to cars for babies. These are basically a system of metal anchors in the backseat of a vehicle that allows parents to secure their child seats to the car. All new models of cars come with these systems as do new child seats. Since car seats vary in size you should always bring your car seat with you when you go to purchase a new car.

Another important safety feature available in most new cars is the automatic locking seatbelt. These allow parents to keep their backseat passengers more tightly secured. It is always good to try them out before you buy a car, especially if it is a used vehicle. Make sure the seatbelt locks properly and gives enough length to allow your children or child seats to fit comfortably.

Comfort Features

When it comes to getting out of the house with ease, several features can make life simpler for the parents of young children. Even small children want to be comfortable and parents want to be able to quickly and comfortably slide babies and all of their paraphernalia in their new vehicle. Deep seats allow for easier car seat placement, as do wide doors. If you have a vehicle that includes a third row it is beneficial to make sure the seats are adjustable. The last thing you want is a useless third row. Make sure that you can get in and out of the backseat easily.

Automotive Suggestions

Every family is different, but there are some cars that just seem to be great for families. One of these is the Chevy Equinox which has the ability to fit three of any child seats across the back. In addition to this it has won many safety accolades and provides a ton of space and ease of movement for parents and children.

Another great family car that is a perennial favorite is the Honda Odyssey. Not only is this minivan known for lasting a long time, it provides adjustable seats that can be folded in, or left up. Either way it is accessible for parents. A good benefit to parents is that this vehicle also gets great gas mileage which is an unusual find in the world of larger family friendly vehicles.

Vehicles for parents with young children need to be safe and roomy. It will save a lot of stress in the long run if parents can easily get in and out their vehicle with comfort. Babies may be small but with car seats, diaper bags and strollers they can take up a lot of space. Getting a vehicle that can grow with your family is of the utmost importance.