What is the Best Car for a Wheelchair

January 27, 2012

Shopping for a car for a wheelchair can be a challenge. If someone has had a life changing event happen that results in having to rely on a wheelchair for their mobility, this does not mean they can not drive anymore. Finding a vehicle that has been converted for wheelchair access, and handicap driving, can take some time for find the perfect one. 

Look for Space and Convenience

Since the driver is not able to use their legs for mobility, they will need to buy a vehicle that has been wheelchair adapted. A vehicle that has been modified for wheelchair drivers will need extensive work to the seats, interior, transmission, gas pedal, steering, and other things that drivers take for granted. When shopping for the best car for a wheelchair, the buyer should always keep an eye out for these types of modifications, or the ability to make these changes to the vehicle.

Conversion Vans

It goes without question that when looking at the best car for wheelchair drivers, the conversion van provides the most opportunity with the ease of modification because of its size. Many wheelchair vans are made from conversion van bodies with lifts installed, special driver's cockpit, and hand throttle grips. 


For those who have some mobility in their legs, a minivan is a great alternative to the large conversion type bodies. These types of vans are also easily modified, have adequate storage of wheelchair, passengers, and other items, and also allow for lone operation. While there is not as much headroom in a minivan, it is lower to the ground, so quick access and exit is available in case of an emergency or accident.