What Is the Best Truck to Buy for Heavy Towing

July 18, 2014

Sometimes a truck is purchased primarily for its heavy towing capabilities and there are a few out there that are designed solely for this purpose. Most of them come in 1 ton or higher versions, with GCWR (the weight of the truck, trailer and additional load) in the 25,000 lb range. What then is the best truck to buy to use for heavy towing.

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Dodge Ram

When equipped with the available Cummins Turbo Diesel, the Ram is set up for heavy towing. Available as a 3500 dually, or in a chassis cab configuration, the Dodge can be set up to fulfill a variety of needs. It can be equipped with a 6 speed manual or 6 speed automatic transmission, and is available with a GCWR up to 25,999 lbs (when properly equipped). The Dodge comes from the factory with an integrated exhaust brake and trailer brake controls, and with a new interior for the 2010 model year, it is on par with both of its closest competitors for driver comfort. The Cummins has been the diesel option in the Dodge since its introduction in 1989, and continues to be a good competitor in the light duty diesel market.


The preferred truck to use for heavy towing from Chevrolet comes equipped with a 6.6l Duramax diesel, coupled to a 6 speed Allison automatic transmission. It is available from either GMC or Chevrolet as pickup or a chassis cab. Chevrolet has dropped out of the medium duty market, so it is only available in a ¾ or 1 ton configuration. The Chevrolet has the lowest available GCWR at 18,500 lbs. This is mainly because of the lack of an available medium duty version. Still with the diesel engine and Allison transmission it has plenty to offer its owners.


Ford has hit the market with not only the first medium duty truck with a conventional bed, but also the highest GCWR of 33,000 lbs (when properly equipped). Ford offers their F-450 Super Duty as a pickup and when equipped with their twin turbo diesel, can pull up to 24,000 lbs. This capability alone raises it to the top of the list. The previous diesel offered by Ford had reliability problems, but they seem to have rectified them with the new 6.4l. Just like in the Dodge and the Chevrolet, the ford comes with on board trailer brake controls. It also comes with powered telescoping side view mirrors that help the driver keep tabs on their trailer. The Ford has the most luxurious cab of the big three, when outfitted with the King Ranch package.

No matter which of the three mentioned is chosen, they all offer exceptional towing capabilities. From the everyday driver to the weekend warrior, the big three offer a truck to handle any towing situation you may find yourself in. For more information on the vehicles mentioned or what to expect as far as price is concerned, explore more of the CarsDirect website.

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