Wheelchair Ramps for Vans: 3 Types to Look Into

January 27, 2012

There are three main types of wheelchair ramps for vans available. You just need to choose the one which is suitable for your needs. You can either buy a minivan which has a ramp attached to it, or you can independently buy a ramp yourself. The ramps listed below are ones which you can buy it yourself and attach it to the van. Some companies attach these kinds of ramps listed below to their minivan so you don't need to buy one. Buying a ramp costs around $400 to $2,000, so again choose and buy from wheelchair auto ramps suitable for your needs.

Portable Platform Wheelchair Ramps

These ramps vary around 32 inches to 36 inches wide, and they are great for drivers whose vans don't have any ramp attached to it. These ramps can carry heavy load and disabled passengers. They can be folded into two or three pieces, so you can carry them anywhere without any difficulty. However, the ramp is heavy because it is made up of fiberglass or aluminum. The ramp is heavy so it never breaks. The price of this ramp is around $500, and some ramps have a price tag of over a thousand dollars because those kind of ramps are sturdy and secure.

Channel Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Channel ramps have two channels which the wheels slide on or off the van, and bumpers are attached on the channels so the wheelchair does not fall off. They are portable, so they can be carried anywhere in a van, or by hand. They are ten inches long and six to eight inches wide. One of the models, the telescoping channel ramp, is great because it can partially open and still carry the passenger and the wheelchair in a limited amount of space. These ramps are pretty cheap because they can't carry any heavy objects, only wheelchairs. The typical price of this ramp is around a hundred dollars, but ramps that can carry heavy things cost over $400.

Vehicle Wheelchair Accessible Ramps

These kind of ramps are built in with the van. Vans such as the Dodge Caravan, the Toyota Sienna and the Honda Odyssey have these kind of ramps built in them. Not all dealerships sell these kind of vans, so you need to research ones that sell these types of vans. You can also buy second hand vans that have this special feature. 

Where You can Attach these Ramps

Once you have bought the ramp, you can attach it from the side or the back of the van. You can attach the ramp from the side if you have a disabled passenger, so the ramps that would be suitable for this would be the channel ramps or the platform ramps. If you need to carry heavy things such as suitcases, then you need to attach a platform ramp  from the rear of the minivan so you can put the things in the back of the van. Look in to wheelchair lifts as well.

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