Where are Bentley Cars Built?

March 18, 2013

When purchasing a Bentley, many buyers feel as if they've reached the pinnacle of the automotive experience. When Bentley was founded in 1919, the company only made automobile engines and chassis. In the early 1930s, Rolls Royce purchased Bentley, and the 2 manufacturers retained close ties until the beginning of 2003, when BMW gained the rights to produce Rolls Royce and Volkswagen got Bentley.

Throughout the ownership changes, Bentley has kept the same manufacturing headquarters since the 1940s. Based in Crewe, England, all modern-day Bentleys are built at this facility. In an attempt to meet buyer demand, past models have been produced elsewhere. For example, beginning in 2002, the Bentley Flying Spur was produced at a plant in Germany, where is was assembled side-by-side with Volkswagen's luxury Phaeton sedan. This arrangement ended in 2006, however, when Bentley brought all manufacturing operations back to England.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Bentley brand is that every automobile they manufacturer is hand-built. In fact, many of the car's parts (including the engine and upholstery) have been signed by the individual who put them together. Hand-building an automobile takes a significant amount of time and effort. For example, it takes approximately 150 hours to build the Bentley Continental GT, a 2-door coupe. Furthermore, the Bentley Arnage, a 4-door sedan, takes around 400 hours. As is expected, this extra time and effort results in a more expensive end product for the consumer. The Continental GT has a base price of over $170,000, and the Arnage starts at nearly $225,000. As an added perk, Bentley allows buyers to travel to the factory to hand-pick some of the materials that will be included in their new vehicle.

Bentley's British prestige comes at a high cost, but those who can afford it are not disappointed. The exclusivity provided by the Bentley brand draws many of the world's richest individuals to a pinnacle of automotive ownership where cost is no object.

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