Where Are Ferrari Cars Built? A Ferrari FAQ

March 18, 2013

Ferrari builds their cars in Maranello, Italy. In 1929, Enzo Ferrari created the famous car manufacturer to build race cars, and then branched into street legal cars in 1947.

Inside the Factory

The Maranello factory is a far cry from any ordinary car facility. Fewer than 7,000 cars are built a year. The factory houses numerous departments, encompassing all aspects of their race cars and street cars in one compound.

"The Chairman's Building" may be considered the heart of it all, housing the chairman, VP, CFO and other administrative offices. The creative process is fully embraced in the "Product Development" section, where technicians and designers envision the Ferarris of tomorrow. There is also a restaurant in the main area, sprawling over three levels, with designer furniture, high-end food and different areas for workers to mingle and relax.

More Specialized Departments

"The Experience Department" builds and tests the functionality of prototypes of new cars and engines, transmissions and body styles. At the "Alloy Department," components (aluminum and silicon) for the race car and street car engines are constructed in what is considered one of the most advanced aluminum casting plants in the world. The components are then taken to the "Engine Assembly Area," where they are tested before being passed along. Two assembly lines, one for V-8s and one for V-12s on different levels of the same building, carry the panels and parts in a bright skylight lit area for workers to assemble. The Ferraris are then painted in an automated area built in 2004, which includes a "real dunk" final paint process, where the vehicle part is literally submerged in paint to ensure a complete covering.

The Museum

Just down the road from the factory lies the Galleria Ferrari, a museum dedicated to the historical models, race cars and exhibits highlighting the evolution of the car maker and Italian motorsports.

The Ferrari factory is a blend of automation, hand crafting and employee care, with an emphasis on creating a sports car true to its racing linage.

Is Ferrari's Formula 1 Technology Used in Their Road Cars?

For Ferrari, Formula One has long been a proving ground for automotive technology. Automakers sponsor racing for a few different reasons. Putting their cars on the racetrack amounts to free advertisement for them (especially if they win), and the chance to use the racing team to test new technologies. Through Formula One (or racing of any kind) they take advantage of the extremes of the racing environment to test new ideas and implement unique modifications to try to gain a competitive edge on the racetrack. Especially when it comes to higher end or exotic automakers like Ferrari, these new technologies tend to show up in some form in their production vehicles.

Overhead Camshaft
One of the first examples of this was during the 1960s when overhead camshaft technology was first being introduced in the automotive world. Ferrari's groundbreaking OverHead Camshaft (OHC) design gave them an edge in Formula One racing, and their team set records for the most consecutive races won and the most consecutive annual titles. This success in the high-performance racing world helped propel them to the pinnacle of the exotic class that they still occupy today. The notoriety of the Ferrari racing team helped make their cars more desirable for consumers worldwide, especially when they were able to say that a version of the legendary Ferrari Formula One engine was supplying them with that extra horsepower boost.

Variable Valve Timing
Another more recent example of racing technology in Ferrari's production cars has to do with the appearance of Variable Valve Timing (VVT). Unlike in other types of racing (like NASCAR), where races take place at sustained high speeds, many Formula One races are held on road courses that require the driver to accelerate and brake repeatedly throughout the race. The means that the vehicle's engine has to be able to provide quick response and peak power throughout its RPM range. Variable Valve Timing is one of the most effective ways to flatten the "power curve" and allow the engine to provide more manageable power. Ferrari's VVT system was implemented in their road cars almost immediately after being implemented on the Formula One circuit.

As time progresses and racetrack technology continues to influence the way production vehicles are built, Ferrari continues to be one of the first automakers to include these advances in their production vehicles. As one of the leading members of the "exotic" class of automakers, it is a little bit easier for Ferrari to take advantage of new (and expensive) technologies in their road cars. Thus, Ferrari can maintain their advantage in a highly competitive sector that includes such names as Lamborghini, Porsche and Bugatti. That is just another reason that Ferrari has sponsored one of the longest-standing and most successful teams in the history of formula one racing.

Where Can I Find Ferrari Sports Cars for Sale?

With the growth of the Internet, Ferrari vehicles are much easier to locate and purchase than in years past.

Authorized Ferrari Dealers
When searching for a Ferrari, your first stop may be an authorized Ferrari dealer. However, Ferrari dealers are not located in all parts of the country, as there are only 36 authorized Ferrari dealers in the United States. Authorized Ferrari dealers usually sell both new and used Ferrari sports cars, and usually have several to choose from.

If you're looking for a discount Ferrari, or to negotiate a low selling price, then the Ferrari dealership is usually not your best option. Because Ferraris are such prestigious sports cars, a low selling price is not something that most dealerships will usually entertain. On the other hand, they are best equipped to find and service exactly the car you're looking for.

Online Car Shopping Sites

One of the easiest ways to find the best discount on a Ferrari is to shop online. Online car shopping sites like CarsDirect and others have both new and used Ferrari sports cars listed for sale. Because these car shopping sites are competing with hundreds of other online and brick-and-mortar car dealerships, they offer very competitive pricing.

Online Auctions
Don't neglect online options when looking for a Ferrari. If you are ready to buy, and already have the cash or financing in hand, check out online car auction sites such as eBay Motors or other popular auction sites.

On these auction sites, you set your own price for the Ferrari sports car you are interested in. If yours is the highest bid, and meets the seller's minimum reserve price, you will usually be able to purchase a Ferrari at a price that you generally won't be able to find anywhere else.

Other Sources
Often, private sellers will list a Ferrari for sale on enthusiast websites or other niche sites or forums. Be thorough in your search and be patient. Finding the right Ferrari at the right price can take some time. In the end, however, the feeling of owning your own Ferrari will certainly be worth it.

California Ferrari Dealers
California's wonderful climate assures you any Ferrari you buy in the Golden State will rarely have faced snow, freezing rain, or other weather detrimental to the Ferrari's beauty and performance. Expand your search beyond Los Angeles and San Francisco to find Ferrari dealers listed by all the major cities in California online. Orange County and San Diego also boast many reputable Ferrari dealers.

How Can I Tell If I'm Shopping at a Certified Ferrari Dealer?

Buying your vehicle from a certified Ferrari dealer will insure that the expensive vehicle is covered and protected in order to take advantage of their very good warranty program--just in case you need to have costly repairs performed.

Verifying That the Dealer Is an Authorized Ferrari Dealer
First, make sure to ask. An authorized dealer will proudly show you their certification. If you are at an authorized dealership, you will notice the familiar Ferrari logo prominently displayed all over the dealership showroom and on signage in front of the business.

Also, you'll be able to tell if you're purchasing from a legitimate Ferrari dealership by the type of warranty you are offered. News Ferraris come with a four year, unlimited mile, standard manufactures warranty, and pre-owned models certified by the manufacturer come with a two year, unlimited mile warranty. Because many new Ferraris are often imported by unauthorized dealerships, you should always make sure that you get terms of the warranty in writing.

The best way to find an authorized dealership is simply to visit the Ferrari website. On their site, you can browse listings of certified dealerships around the world.

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